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New York Mayor’s race is a sad disappointment for the left

For progressives who were hoping that America’s most diverse cities would be ready for change, the most useful question is what the hell is our question? “The race is now led by Andrew Yang, who has enough potential celebrities from his failed presidential election to act as an acceptable frontman for lobbyists and insider Cabals.” Photo: Spencer Pratt / Getty Images The world’s greatest cities seem to never find a half-hearted decent mayor. Since the turn of the century, New York has suffered from Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani “cleaned the city” by putting all the inhabitants in jail. Mike Bloomberg stopped and offended all ordinary people to keep Wall Street safe. And now Bill de Blasio is a self-proclaimed liberal reformer, who spent most of last year supporting the NYPD’s decision to overrun protesters in their cars. With the exception of pizza slices and Biggie Smalls, there is nothing that unites New Yorkers like contempt for De Blasio. Now the race for his replacement has begun. All signs show disappointment for another four years. A year after being defined by mass deaths, economic crises, mutual aid, and the March of Black Lives Matter, the political left could finally pull one of them into the mayor’s office, paving the way for a brilliant new era. There was a reason to expect it to be possible. Affordable housing for police and everyone who has lost money. But a month after the election date, the purest leftist candidate in the race, Diane Morales, is far behind in polls. As the days go by, we approach the terrifying potential of sleepwalking and enter another era of mayors bundling offices in exciting new ways. The race is now led by Andrew Yang, who has potential celebrities from the failure of the presidential election enough to act as an acceptable frontman for Bloomberg’s allies, lobbyists, and institutional insider conspiracy. I will. New Yorkers aren’t known as amiable people, so Yang’s main qualification is amiability, but that’s strange. The power of pop culture, backed by the same tech that barely pushed a coherent reality TV star into the White House in 2016, despite the fact that he overcame much of the Covid crisis in the north of his home. Instead, Yang is now at the top of the polls. This is a dark sign of New York’s gritty reputation and tends to be the prey of empty ships with little name recognition. Yang’s lead isn’t big enough to overtake him. However, research in the remaining areas is not encouraging. In second place is Eric Adams, the president of Brooklyn, a former Republican and police officer who is a moderate black man. Many of the city’s most powerful trade unions considered it worthy of support for Adams, despite the existence of a video titled “Fighting Gun Violence” in 2011. Adams tells fictional parents how to find dangerous contrabands in their homes, such as bullets behind picture frames and cracked pipes in backpacks. What their children are hiding. The video, which is incredible evidence of police mental state madness, should itself be enough to disqualify Adams from senior officials. Opponents need to emphasize that Adams covers the radio waves with a clip that pulls an ounce of weeds from the baby doll, and that the doll is where the child is likely to “secrete drugs.” Mayor polls show that most New Yorkers still crave the comfort of the old order Thursday night, in the first mayor’s debate, six opponents were two badly flawed I tried to knock the candidate up from the perch. The only most unified argument when Shaun Donovan, a former Obama official with no charisma, tried to explain in wood the fact that his failed campaign was almost entirely funded by a donation from his father. The moment was when everyone was allowed to laugh and laugh. One of those laughter was Ray McGuire, a former Citigroup executive. Ray McGuire’s failed vanity campaign is almost entirely funded by large donations from various Wall Street associates. Donovan and McGuire-I speculated that the average Brooklyn apartment cost only $ 100,000 this week, an unacceptable mess in this city of frustrated renters-always desperate with rich friends It is proof that you can make your dream come true. Shot, no matter how stupid they are. Once considered a top progressive candidate, Scott Stringer appears to have been sunk by allegations of sexual misconduct that no one could verify or debank. Leftist Morales, civil rights activist Maya Wiley, and highly capable former city official Kathryn Garcia are the three best candidates. Still, all of them ridiculed the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčreimbursing police funds and worked well with pro-Israeli militants and terrifying police candidates this week, close to the level of support that terrible Yang enjoys. Adams, who couldn’t collect, hits the city’s teens against the wall and always seems ready to offend them. For progressives who have entered the election season hoping that America’s most diverse cities are ready for change, the most useful question now is what the hell is our question. Deep in the American spirit is a belief planted by our own frontier myths and lovingly encouraged by the guardians of capitalism. The fact that the same man with a gun clearly creates a lack of security for a significant minority of the masses is that the majority are always happy to ignore. The year of the most passionate protests the country has seen for generations was not enough to get rid of this belief. New Yorkers consider themselves different from the rest of the United States and better than the rest of the United States. But the truth is that Applebee’s, action films, and acceptance of gangster capitalism also exist here. Mayor polls show that most New Yorkers still crave the comfort of the old order. If it’s a disappointment for you, get ready for a long, hot summer marching on the street.Hamilton Nolan is a New York-based writer