Most Republicans accuse the Parliament building of being attacked on January 6 by non-existent “left-wing protesters.”

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Rudolph Giuliani’s actual legal defense: These Democrats are plotting a plot!

Drew Angeler / Getty After imposing a number of unfounded conspiracy theories that question the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, former New York City mayor and Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani is exactly what Democrats do. Giuliani, among other things, argues that he is doing so: By Democratic Party Chairman Benny Thompson (Democratic Party-MS) and NAACP of the House of Representatives Land Security Commission 2 In a motion to dismiss the civil lawsuit filed in March. The proceedings filed by Thompson in a personal position accused Giuliani of inciting the riots in the Capitol on January 6, calling for a “combat trial” in a speech prior to the riots, with radical groups. Republicans Aus Keepers and Giuliani ran a full disinformation campaign after Trump was defeated by Byden, telling the strange story that the election was “stolen from Trump by a crooked person.” It came to the surface. Democrats, Venezuelan dictators and Republican voting machines, and Republicans in Turncourt claim that Thompson and the other 11 lawmakers who signed the proceedings are doing much the same thing. Trump Blew away the call for Rudolf Giulani’s help. Feds Circle “The plaintiff does not claim any particular facts that cause the inference that Giuliani and all other defendants agreed and held an extensive meeting of opinions. The plaintiff’s alleged conspiracy in the proceedings, the “shock trooper,” was able to work with the defendant Proud Boys to eventually confuse and thwart election certification. The plaintiff engages in a public fake information campaign to create an army of enthusiastic Trump supporters … President Trump and President Juliani hold secret talks with Proud Boys, Aus Keepers, Warboys, and Tario I can’t claim that it was. ” “This conspiracy theory is far more fantastic than any of the election fraud claims that plaintiffs instigated a riot in the Houses of Parliament.” Another motion, Oath, a far-right organization composed primarily of former law enforcement officers. Keepers lawyers and military veterans demand that Thompson’s suit be destroyed for many of the same reasons. The group is trying to distance itself from the actions of individual members on January 6, and Thompson’s claim to Oath Keepers is that “people who claim to be acting as their” members “or on their behalf travel to the district. However, the application states that just because the mobs wore Oath Keepers gear did not mean they represented the Oath Keepers. “Members of the defendant Oath Keepers wore quasi-military equipment, helmets, reinforced vests, and Oath Keepers tools.” However, the motion continues, proclaiming that “this claim is being contested because someone wore Oath Keepers patches and tools, and that person must be a member of Oath Keepers.” Is on behalf of the Army. This is the same as saying that a person wearing a T-shirt labeled “US Marine Corps” represents and is authorized by the Marine Corps. You can form a Marine Corps just by wearing a T-shirt. Perhaps the most violent and exaggerated dismissal move came from Trump himself, who was individually named in Thompson’s proceedings. “But he claims they all” chose to anticipate. ” To do. [sic] Their vow to uphold and uphold the Constitution by trying to undermine the First Amendment by filing this proceeding, based on a long-standing public grudge against President Trump. In fact, Thompson et al. Trump’s motion is stated. “We continue to make the same unfounded and misleading claims that the Senate refused in the second attempt to attempt each attempt, which failed earlier this year,” Trump failed to deploy the administration’s COVID-19 test. He is famous for saying “I wasn’t responsible at all” for what he did. Last year, he accused Barack Obama of something wrong, but he took similar steps in his dismissal motion. ” Plaintiffs are trying to weave in a fictional story of a conspiracy between Mr. Trump and others based on political speeches that are out of context and the actions of independent individuals. In addition, Mr. Trump, as president. Reiterates that his duties give him the right to “absolute immunity.” “The president must be decisive,” the motion argues. “Historically important decisions In making a decision, it is imperative that their discretion not be compromised or their actions not chilled, fearing that their actions will be subject to growing civil liability during or after the president’s term. ” In a statement to Daily Beast, lawyers Joe Cellars and Janet McCarthy Wallace said: Congress seeks to avoid any legal liability for anomalous attacks on our democracy by recognizing free and fair elections. Thompson and the NAACP filed their first proceedings under the Ku Klux Klan Act, a 1871 law prohibiting violent interference with parliamentary activity .. The other 11 Houses of Parliament who participated in the proceedings. Congressmen are Maxine Waters (Democrat-California), Karen Bass (Democratic Party-California), Barbara Lee (Democratic Party-California), Plumira Jayapal (Democratic Party-WA), Gerold Nadler (Democratic Party-New York)), Steve Cohen (Democratic Party-TN), Bonnie Watson Coleman (Democratic Party-NJ), Veronica Escobar (Democratic Party-TX), Hank Johnson (Democratic Party-GA), Mercy Captor (Democratic Party-Ohaio). Any tips? Send to The Daily Beast here. Get top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.