Mother calls shoppers hoarding infant formula on Viral TikTok video

The shortage of infant formula in the United States is now causing a wave of panic buying, and some shoppers are in a fierce debate to secure supply.

With a virus TikTok videoYou can hear the voice of a young mother facing another shopper who drank all the milk powder on display at a local target store in Massachusetts.

“I have kids at home and you clean up the whole thing. [shelf]” Autumn Gaia Say while filming another woman.

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Gaia points the camera at the women’s cart, which is flooded with bottles of powdered milk, and the empty grocery shelves from which they were taken out.

“You just cleared all the shelves in this ceremony,” she says. “You have the entire cart. Look at this, look at all this. Look at the shelves.”

Gaia said he started recording after asking the woman for a bottle of infant formula, but refused. She insists that the woman “this is for my baby”.

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“Do you think your baby doesn’t need it?” Gaia replies. Then she tells shoppers that hoarding like her should be blamed on the lack of infant formula across the country.

“This is why we are short of infant formula,” she says. “You come to buy all the formulas at once, and there are kids today who need the formulas today you just can’t get it to stock up on it,” she begins to leave the woman. Is called. “It’s not your problem, isn’t it?”

The Nationwide Insufficient milk powder Many parents have been desperate for weeks trying to secure supplies from both online retailers and physical stores.

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In February, a Michigan manufacturing plant was closed because a popular powder formulation produced at this site was associated with two infant mortality and other reported illnesses.

This issue became a headline and led to the recall of three major formula brands.

President Joe Biden after being criticized for not taking action for weeks Recently called Defense production actions to speed up local production. Biden has also approved the use of commercial aircraft and air cargo lines to support the import of formulas from abroad.

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Featured image via @chopnedits