Mother explains that she was detained in a Chinese labor camp for 700 days over her beliefs.

Almost 20 years ago, Wang Ying was sentenced to two years of forced labor just by putting two books in his luggage at the train house.

“Show me your ticket …. Which is your luggage?” On the morning of October 3, 2002, Steward approached the king and tried to verify her identity. It was her companion’s cross-legged sitting posture that caused Steward’s suspicions.

The policeman eventually found two Falun Gong books. Millions of them had already been burned or dumped in the trash by order from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a spiritual practice that began in China and includes five slow movements, including sitting meditation and moral teaching based on the principles of truth, compassion, and tolerance.

It was practiced by 70 to 100 million supporters in China by 1999, discovering official estimates at the time, but cruelly by the Chinese administration, which later felt threatened by its growing popularity. It was suppressed. Since July 1999, millions have been detained in prisons, labor camps and other facilities. according to Falun Dafa Information Center.

Wang, a college teacher who has practiced Falun Gong since 1996, was forced to leave her Beijing home and her little son in 2001 after authorities threatened to send her to a brainwashing center.

The king, who hadn’t seen his child for over a year, decided to reunite with his family in Beijing. However, shortly after the train arrived in the city, local police arrested and detained her.

Later, the king’s four-year-old son was told, “Mom is on a business trip.” However, while it was still difficult to understand why kindergarten Playmates were welcomed by their mothers after school, they had only grandparents, the King, who now lives in Australia, said in an interview with The Epoch Times.

“When I come back [after being released from prison], My kid, he followed me wherever I went, but he didn’t call him “mother”, it wasn’t a word, “she recalled.

“He was no longer used to doing so.”

Wang Ying and his son
Wang Ying fled to Australia with his son on January 26, 2008. (Provided by Wang Ying)

“Not even human”

The king has been separated from her loved ones for over 700 days. Time to crawl for the king during detention. “You are not even humans. You are like animals,” she said.

On November 23, 2002, after the King’s decision, she was escorted from the detention center to the dispatch department, where the prisoners stayed before being sent to another internment camp. Upon arrival, she was forced to squat down against the wall for extended periods of time, subject to a complete humiliating search by prison guards.

“Before meals, you have to sing a song to thank the Communist Party, then take a bowl and squat and wait for it to be served,” she said.

“While walking, you need to bow down and walk along the side walls, not in the middle. This is their rule.”

As they passed the guards, the detainees had to stop and say “greeting, captain.”

“There was a time when I forgot to stop. I was punished for kneeling on the floor and copying the camp rules on a small iron bench,” said the king.

I paid a penny a day

In January 2003, she was sent to the Beijing Women’s Labor Camp.

The Beijing Women’s Labor Camp, built in October 1999, had detained only 100-200 people, mainly drug addicts and prostitutes, by July 2000. Seven units devoted themselves to persecuting Farungong. according to Mingi, a US-based website that recorded persecution.

For months, the king was forced to work most days from 6 am to 9 pm to knit with hand-knitted exports such as gloves, sweaters and hats. Sometimes she wasn’t allowed to sleep until she finished her work.

These orders were placed by a Chinese company that subcontracted labor camps at low prices to make a significant profit.

The king took a whole day to knit the gloves. However, the compensation was negligible, only 1 cent ($ 0.0015) per pair.

“The government will pay you,” the camp official told her. “You should be grateful. We couldn’t pay you anything.”

After being released in August 2004, the king received a message from the camp to collect unpaid salaries. The total is 10 cents ($ 0.015).

In addition to making cheap commodities, all prisoners, regardless of age, had to do the necessary amount of farming, such as building greenhouses, clearing uncultivated farmland, weeding and fertilizing. ..

Inmates usually did not have hot water to wash, but only had wet towels to clean their bodies. The king was allowed to take a shower once every one or two months.

The king said he was able to overcome physical pain by maintaining his faith.

Psychological distress

It was not the physical movement that put the king at stake, but the endless mental distress. “Dismantling you, thus [force you to] Abandon it. That’s their purpose — to “transform” you, “she said.

The term “transformation” coined by the CCP means forcing Falun Gong learners to abandon their beliefs through intimidation, distress, and brainwashing. Many detained supporters are forced to write a “transformation” statement to abandon their beliefs.

According to Mr. Wang, labor camp leaders who have succeeded in “transforming” a large number of practitioners will be honored as “model workers” who are designated directly related to bonuses and promotion opportunities.

To achieve a “100 percent transformation rate”, labor camps aim to destroy the faith of believers by crushing their spirits.

When she first came to camp, the king was not allowed to sleep for more than a week.

While the prisoner was watching, she was forced to sit in a small chair in the cell for 24 hours without movement. “I was only able to get up when I went to the bathroom under the supervision of a guard,” said the king.

When the victims’ willpower is exhausted, practitioners are forced to sign so-called “three statements” to abandon their faith — guarantee statements, repentance statements, and retirement statements.

But it’s far from the end. “You think it’s over, but it’s just getting started,” said the king.

She finally signed the statement and started a whole new process called “re-education”.

During “re-education”, practitioners participate in brainwashing sessions, watch promotional videos, write “thought reports” that reflect their mental state, and publicly expose and criticize Falun Gong’s relationship with its founders. This forced me to disconnect mentally. Future CCP propaganda.

“Curse, slander [your belief] Caused the most suffering over and over again [among the detainees]”As a result, many practitioners have witnessed suffering from mental illness, he added.

“Spiritual death”

The king’s experience opened her eyes to the tragedy that fell upon someone when forced to betray her conscience.

She said that “spiritual death” is deadly to humans.

Many “converted” practitioners were even forced to lie and beat fellow practitioners to prove that they had completely abandoned Falun Gong.

“The harder you curse, the better you’transformed’,” Wang said.

The purpose of this atrocities was to “tear a person spiritually,” she said. “Uh [the practice] Good, but you are forced to lie to your heart. “

According to the king, some people end up being “double-sided.”

She believes that mental dissociation can occur as a result of mental devastation.

Wang Ying and his son
Wang Ying and her son will participate in the celebration of World Falun Dafa Day after fleeing to Australia. (Provided by Wang Ying)

The king fled to Australia with his son on January 26, 2008.

She wept when she first participated in a group movement with a local Falun Gong practitioner in the outdoor garden. “I didn’t see it at all [in mainland China]”The king said.

“My child has become extroverted,” the king laughed. “He really liked the new uniform.”