Mother War Exclusive Footage

Reuters video

Kyiv ravers escape the horrors of war through music

STORY: This is a rave in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv. It’s a chance to be liberated and forget about the war for a while.” I think this can give people who have gone through a very tragic experience a certain sense of relief. And life actually goes on. , is the feeling of becoming beautiful. ” This is the new reality for those in the Ukrainian electronic music scene. Before the Russian invasion, Kyiv was fast becoming Europe’s top nightlife destination. The sirens of the raid blare. “The Defenders – those who serve in the Ukrainian army – will join our line-up and attend our party. If they ever get the chance to come back, they will party for at least a few days.” And you can really feel it, and in that moment they realize what they’re fighting for.” And there are other, less subtle elements of catharsis. At the point, the crowd bangs on barrels with Russian flags on them. “I think that when we win the war, Kyiv will shoot into the sky like a rocket. .”