Motorcycle explosion in southern Iraq kills at least four people


According to Iraqi security forces, an explosion occurred in the center of Basrah city in southern Iraq, killing at least four people and injuring four.

The blast sent a pillar of black smoke into the sky. Basra’s governor, Asaad al-Idani, told reporters on the scene that the motorcycle had exploded.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the bomb was on the motorcycle or if it was a suicide bomber. The governor said two nearby cars were set on fire in an explosion.

Iraq’s security media cell, an outlet affiliated with Iraqi security forces, said in a statement that four people were killed and four were injured as a result of a fire in two cars near a motorcycle. Stated.

On December 7, 2021, people reacted at the explosion site in Basra, Iraq. (Nabil al-Jurani / AP Photo)

The forensic team was at the scene of the explosion and said details about the nature of the explosion would be announced once the investigation was completed.

Explosions have been rare in recent years in Basra, especially since the defeat of the ISIS terrorist group in 2017.

Oil-rich Basra is mainly Shiite. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the explosion.

Iraq’s political unrest has increased after the October 10 parliamentary elections, when Shiite priest Muqtada al-Saddle emerged as the biggest winner. Shiite militants who pledge allegiance to Iran, which has lost about two-thirds of its seats in parliament, have alleged fraud and rejected the outcome of the election.

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