Mountain Lion grabs a man’s paw as he goes to investigate “muddy” on a Colorado porch

Michael Warren heard a scream Comes from the front pouch Of his Colorado home.

His dog began to bark around 6:30 pm on February 27, and he thought his pet cat was fighting outside. Warren broke the door enough to get the dog inside, but something brushed his paw, said Colorado Parks and wildlife officials.

“Immediately after he put his foot between the open door and the porch, he felt something grabbed his foot,” wildlife officials said in a news release on March 3. .. “He looked and said he saw the mountain lion run away.”

A 47-year-old Montezuma County man had several puncture wounds on his right leg. According to Parks and Wildlife, security footage confirms the attack by the Mountain Lion.

Wildlife authorities searched for mountain lions in the evening and the next morning. Hounds searched the area and authorities set a trap in the man’s house.

According to wildlife authorities, Puma is likely to have visited the area before the attack.

Two of Warren’s domestic cats went missing before the attack. A few days ago, someone else reported that chickens and cats were attacked by mountain lions.

“Judging from the footage we have, along with the tracks we found and the victims’ statements, we believe it’s a young, sub-adult lion,” said District Wildlife Manager Matt Star Devant. I mentioned in the news release. “We also believe that it is the same lion that was hanging around in the area for a short time.”

According to Parks and Wildlife, the attack involved a mountain lion for the first time in nearly two years in Colorado. Since 1990, humans have been injured in the 23rd Mountain Lion Attack.

“Mountain lion attacks are relatively rare, but it’s important to know how to avoid or manage potential encounters,” wildlife officials said.

Mountain lion According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, it’s usually calm and elusive. As more people moved to their habitat, the interaction between animals and people increased.

Most mountain lion attacks are carried out by young lions, who may hunt themselves too early, according to wildlife sources.

If you are facing a mountain lion, try to stay calm and slowly leave. Helps to display as large as possible.

If the mountain lion becomes aggressive, wildlife officials have said it may help throw stones and branches.

“If a lion attacks you, fight back. The lions have been driven away by the counterattacking prey,” wildlife officials said. “People successfully counterattacked with rocks, sticks, hats or jackets, gardening tools and bare hands.”

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