MP kick-off debate to bring euthanasia to the last remaining Australian states

Parliamentarian Alex Greenwich has submitted a bill to begin discussions on legalizing euthanasia in Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW).

Currently, New South Wales is the only state in the country that has not legalized this practice, except for its territory.

Greenwich, representing state-level voters in Sydney’s progressive district, announced on October 14th the assisted suicide bill 2021 to give dying people “the choices, comfort, dignity, and dignity they deserve.” It will give you respect. ” “

Parliamentarians were also responsible for introducing legislation that legalized abortion in New South Wales in 2019.

According to Greenwich’s second reading speech, “Without the option of assisted suicide, those who receive bad news about their terminal prognosis live in fear and sadly die from suicide in the terminal. The rate is high. “

The bill has 28 co-sponsors from the entire political spectrum.

New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrott and opposition leader Chris Minns do not support the bill, but allow conscience votes.

“In many ways, many people feel that they have to end their lives in this way is a bad prosecution of society,” Perotet said in a statement to the State Treasury, “Investing more in palliative care.” He said he called for consideration of “opportunities.” “

“When people reach the end of their lives, it’s very important. They give them the care and support they deserve,” he said.

Greenwich said he supported more funding for palliative care, but said the bill was designed not for them, but for those who endure “unbearable suffering.”

Shayne Higson, vice president of Dying with Dignity, said the law gives people across New South Wales the option to die peacefully when they are suffering.

“My mother suffered terribly at the end of an aggressive brain tumor. She begged me to end her life, but there was nothing I could do,” she said.

She said more than 17,000 individuals have contacted local parliamentarians to support the legalization of euthanasia since the last vote in 2017 failed.

Three parliamentarians, the conservative Shooters, Fischer’s, and Farmers Party, said they supported the bill, and region-based members supported the practice.

“Barwon is probably a conservative voter, but it is said that many people need to tell their stories about their terminally ill loved ones and see them die in pain and terrible,” Barwon said. State Congressman Roy Butler Told the guardian..

Western Australia’s MP Nick Golan, who opposed the legalization of euthanasia during the 2019 state vote, said the success of euthanasia supporters stemmed from overly emotional debate from supporters.

“We lose the emotional battle. Suicide aid and euthanasia supporters have some compelling emotional stories, and whether it’s right or wrong. The simple reality is that emotional stories are always more important than facts, “he told the era.

He said local lawmakers at the time suffered “political paralysis” when faced with pressure to support euthanasia and were unable to take leadership on the matter.

“They appealed (excuse).’I must represent my community.’ Take a leadership approach and say,’As the leader of our community, I myself about all the facts. I am responsible for educating, drawing conclusions and explaining them to my community, “he added.

Daniel Y. Ten