MP on report China’s regime wanted to target his family


Conservative MP Michael Chong said he did not warn him and sent his family abroad after a new report based on leaked national security information revealed additional information about Beijing’s plans to intervene in Canada. He criticizes the government’s decision not to expel Chinese diplomats it said it wanted to target.

“After learning that the Trudeau government knew two years ago, through The Globe and Mail reports, that a Chinese diplomat working at the Toronto consulate was targeting my family in Hong Kong, I was horrified. I am very disappointed,” Chong wrote on May 1. statement.

“The government did not inform me that the diplomat was targeting my family, nor did the government take any action to expel the diplomat responsible for organizing this campaign of intimidation.”

glove It was published The May 1st article was reportedly drawn from a top-secret Canadian Security Intelligence Agency (CSIS) intelligence assessment of Chinese government interference.

The July 2021 assessment states that “attackers almost certainly perceive their activities in Canada to be low-risk, high-reward.”

The document, which has not been scrutinized by the Epoch Times, calls Beijing the “foremost perpetrator” of foreign interference in Canada, which is considered a “high priority target” by the Communist regime.

This assessment also provides specific examples of the tactics used by the regime. It said the Ministry of State Security (MSS), one of China’s spy agencies, “took specific actions targeting Canadian parliamentarians” behind the 2021 House motion. genocide.

MSS reportedly asked for information about relatives of Canadian parliamentarians who “may be in China for possible further sanctions”. CSIS assessed that this was “certainly intended to set an example of this MP and discourage others from taking an anti-China stance.”

The Globe said national security sources identified the MP as Michael Chong, adding that Zhao Wei, a Chinese diplomat in Canada, was working on the matter.

“Zhao Wei” is currently listed on Global Affairs Canada (GAC) as a consular officer working at the Chinese Consulate in Toronto.

MP Chong emphasized this in a statement, saying, “It is clear and dumbfounded that the government is turning a blind eye to the threat of foreign interference.”

The Epoch Times reached out to GAC for comment but did not immediately hear back.

The CSIS assessment also mentions other tactics, such as targeting political staff. A staff member who worked for a member of the Legislative Assembly was dismissed for passing information to CSIS “closely associated with the Chinese mission in Canada” and “a person of great interest,” it said. It says.

It also mentions the targeting of dissidents by Chinese regime organizations such as the United Front Work Department and the MSS. The Chinese government reportedly views Taiwan, Tibet, Uyghur, Falun Gong and Hong Kong pro-democracy movement supporters as “serious threats.”

“What happened should be a wake-up call to the entire government. An authoritarian state targeted the families of elected members of parliament to try to redirect domestic debates about our country’s foreign policy. knew about this and did nothing,” Chong said.

Leaks like those reported by The Globe put pressure on liberal governments to act. Opposition parties called for a public inquiry, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau instead appointed a special rapporteur on foreign interference. .

Rapporteur David Johnston, a former governor, will provide his recommendations in the coming weeks. This could include a call for a public inquiry.

The liberal government says it takes the issue of foreign interference seriously and has established mechanisms to protect the integrity of elections. After media revelations, it also announced that it would establish a foreign registry and begin talks to establish a special office within Public Security Canada.