MP Poilièvre blames the media for portraying Optimus Prime as a “radical” in nature

Conservative Rep. Pierre Poirievre today opposes a report describing a “free convoy” of truck drivers who oppose the government’s vaccination obligations as a radical, based on comments from individuals who do not represent the group. Did.

Poilièvre responded to a question from an Ottawa reporter. He asked what he thought of the “extreme factors” involved in the protests. Poilièvre said the question itself speaks of a bigger question of how what he characterized as “liberal media” portrays protests organized by conservative groups.

“What I find interesting is that when there was a left-wing protest on Parliamentary Hill, the liberal media went through all the names of the people in attendance and tried to find one who could despise the whole thing. He said in response to a reporter’s question on January 27th.

Tory financial critics say it’s normal for there to be so many people that some say it’s “unacceptable,” but those individuals should be held accountable, not the entire group.

“It’s the hard-working, law-abiding, peaceful thousands of people we’ve lived frankly for the past two years by packing grocery shelves with the food you eat. It doesn’t mean to look down on a truck driver, and fill your home with the products you rely on, “he told reporters.

Poilièvre quoted an example of a CBC employee who systematically accused public broadcasting of being racially discriminatory, but said, “The media here is that everyone working at CBC is racially discriminatory. If there is, it will not be generalized. “

“So anyone who says or does unacceptable things is personally responsible, showing support to peace-loving truck drivers, diligent, law-abiding, fighting for freedom and livelihood. I think it is possible to bear. We have been dependent on our very existence for the past two years. “

Poilièvre’s comment comes shortly after some media reports that individuals with a “far-right” relationship are supporting a truck convoy.

Ottawa police caveat Of “parallel groups” or opposition protesters who may be keen to use violence in the capital on January 29, when various convoys arrive at their destinations and transform into protests. This could mean that the threat could arise from a far-left group with an ANTIFA-type ideology who could see opportunities to attack those who are patriotic, conservative, or considered “far-right.” there is.

Such incidents have occurred in the United States in recent months, and ANTIFA members and anarchists are trying to disband anti-mandate rallies in subsequent violent conflicts.

At a press conference on January 26, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau worked on reporting the extreme elements allegedly supporting the convoy.

“A few fringe people on their way to Ottawa, or with the unacceptable views they express, represent the views of the Canadians who were there for each other, knowing to follow science. No. Stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to secure our freedom, our rights and our national value, “he said.

Canada Unity, the organizer of the convoy, challenged this type of labeling on January 26th. statement..

“The statement that we are somehow” separatists “or” terrorists “is categorically false and an attempt to pollute this movement. It’s sad that this kind of rhetoric comes from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government, “he says.

Signatories Tamara Rich and Benjamin Dichter argued that their protests attracted “unprecedented levels of Canadian unity,” and convoys were “overwhelming” from Canadians and others around the world. I received a lot of support. “

Tory leader Erin O’Toole avoided commenting directly on whether to meet the convoy when he arrived in Ottawa, Commentary on Toronto Sun January 26th.

“Thousands of Canadians have come to Ottawa with their hard-earned money. All reasonable concerns must be heard. Before warning a group of radicals trying to adopt protests. He wrote.

Outur blamed those who would “use the plight of truck drivers” to advance “their false agenda” and said they should not threaten “political violence” or “hate and prejudice.” He added that those who oppose the convoy protests should avoid “demonizing your fellow citizens”, be respectful and support peaceful protests.

Meanwhile, several other conservative lawmakers have emerged in support of the convoy.Candice Bergen, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party statement On January 25, she said she supported “peaceful demonstrations of these missions.”

“Since Trudeau introduced the vaccine, conservatives have opposed the vaccine mandated by the federal government. We oppose the vaccine mandated by Canadian truck drivers,” she said.

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.