MP, Political Leaders Attend, Voice Support for “Freedom Convoy” Rally in Ottawa

Several Conservative lawmakers appeared at the “Freedom Convoy” rally in Ottawa, which began on January 29, helping truck drivers oppose federal COVID-19 obligations and restrictions, and others attended. There was no effort, but they said they were back.

“”The truck driver I met today is peaceful, kind and patriotic. ” MP Pierre Poirievre I wrote on Twitter January 29th.

In a video recorded at the event, Poilievre elaborated on what the rally meant.

“This is a rally for truck drivers, but it’s also a rally for 60 percent of Canadians who said they were worried they couldn’t afford food. It’s a company spending their adulthood. It’s for a 60-year-old small business man who founded it and saw it wiped out. It’s for a depressed 14-year-old who was locked out of school. It can’t accept it anymore. It’s for the family. It’s for those who want to stand up and talk for freedom. It’s for all those who have been insulted and left behind by our government and the media. It’s on our table. For those who put food, stocked on shelves, and worked hard to make this country work, that’s why we’re here today, “he said.

“Freedom, not fear. Truck driver, not Trudeau.”

MP Resulin Lewis I wrote on Twitter January 29: “It’s great to see patriotic Canadians who comply with many laws peacefully express their love for this country and democracy. All ages, beliefs and races. People, people of all disciplines united for freedom. “

The Freedom Convoy began as a protest against the federal government’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations against cross-border truck drivers in Canada and the United States, but has since expanded to call for the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions. Did.

The first convoy departs the West Coast on January 23, with more trucks from all over the country gathering in Ottawa this weekend for a major demonstration, which could continue next week. At the same time, small rallies are being held in other cities.

The Ottawa rally was also endorsed by Saskatchewan Prime Minister Scott Moe. Scott Moe said in his statement that truck drivers deserve a “special appreciation” for the services that keep their inventories and the economy is evolving throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. ..

Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenny was in Washington, DC over the weekend. “To raise these important cross-border supply chain issues. My message is simple. It’s time for common sense!” He I wrote on Twitter..

On January 22, the Biden administration began vaccination requirements for unvaccinated non-US citizens, including Canadian truck drivers.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole met with a truck driver on January 28, but did not attend the rally.

“I support their right to hear, and I call on Justin Trudeau to meet with these hard-working Canadians and listen to their concerns,” he says. Said in a Twitter post..

With Tory Rep. Michael Cooper MP Damian Kurek brought a coffee container to the rally.indicate Thanks to the diligent and patriotic truck driver who has kept the supply chain healthy and inventories on the grocery shelves for the past two years, “he wrote on Twitter.

A demonstrator with a flag bearing the Nazi symbol was caught by a camera behind Cooper while Cooper was interviewing on television.Later Cooper Issue a statement He said he had nothing to do with the person holding the flag.

“Anyone who raises this flag is personally responsible for the decision to be condemned and should be ashamed of him or herself forever,” he wrote.

“He or she does not represent the thousands of peaceful protesters who waved the Canadian flag and acted responsibly. I will stand with them and continue to fight for them. “

Some Conservative lawmakers supported Cooper and also opposed reports that made the free convoy and its participants a far-right radical.

Tory’s Garnet Genuis retweeted Cooper’s remarks, and it’s “quite strange” that some media are trying to blame him, even though he wasn’t aware that the flag was behind him. “.

“It’s pretty strange that perhaps serious people are trying to blame Michael for the fact that someone he didn’t know stepped into a camera shot behind him while he was interviewing. ” Genuis wrote on Twitter..

Former Conservative MP Stockwelday has also criticized the media for amplifying the behavior of a small number of well-behaved protesters among thousands of well-behaved protesters.

“In 40 years [years] In politics, I have never seen mainstream media united against any protest group in such an unpleasant way. If there is one violent protester or one physical threat that will be reported in all media. ” Day wrote on Twitter..

Leader of the People’s Party of Canada and former Minister of the Cabinet Maxime Bernier I attended the rally on both January 29th and 30th.

“We will regain freedom in 2022,” he said in a video posted on Twitter. “Today we are doing something that appears in history books.”

Conservative MP John Williamson Issue a statement In support of the convoy and truck driver’s call to end restrictions.

“I believe the truck convoy, called the’Freedom Convoy’, has become a symbol of pandemic fatigue, even by the less-welcome media, and there is growing opposition to illegal restrictions on Canadians,” he writes. ..

“When the pandemic began, trackers were called unsung heroes. I believe Canadian truck drivers are our heroes, even after living on COVID-19 for nearly two years. They continue to move Canada to the belief that it’s time for me to end the blockade restrictions and focus on modifying our unprofitable health care system to control the coronavirus. I’m adding my voice.

“Closing society to save the healthcare system is no longer an acceptable choice.”

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.