MP Resulin Lewis launches conservative leadership bid

Ontario Parliamentarian Reslin Lewis Announces Her entry conservative Party leader competition.

Haldimand-Norfolk lawyer and parliamentarian revealed News Twitter post On March 8, she said she intends to “lead our party and our country on the basis of hope, unity and compassion.”

“These basic principles have guided and inspired those who have spread throughout our great nation and transformed into a welcoming and prosperous land where everything can succeed,” she says. Her campaign website..

Luis, who emigrated from Jamaica to Canada as a child, ran for the 2020 Leadership Contest as a relatively unknown person who had never held an elected position. She is the only woman in the race and is third behind former Tory Cabinet Ministers Erin Autur and Peter MacKay, who led the Progressive Conservative Party before merging with the Canadian Alliance led by Stephen Harper in 2003. ..

She was elected last fall to represent the horseback riding of Holdimand Norfolk in southwestern Ontario, but was not given a role in the Shadow Cabinet of Otur.

Lewis has voiced criticism of the COVID-19 vaccine obligation, and the liberal campaign has promised to revoke the charitable status of anti-abortion pregnancies. Center..

She too support Parliamentary legislation submitted by colleague MP Garnett Genuis, adding political beliefs to the list of protections under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The Conservatives will announce a new leader on September 10, as Outur has been banished as a Tory leader. 3.3.

Like the 2020 leadership race Admission fee Is a $ 200,000 plus a refundable $ 100,000 “compliance fee” to ensure that you follow the rules.

Lewis’s competitors include the longtime MP Pierre Poirievre in the Ottawa region, who declared his candidacy on February 6 and has already held funding and events.

Former Premier of Quebec Jean Charest, who headed the Federal Progressive Conservative Party in the mid-1990s, is also planning to run a campaign launch event in Calgary on March 10 to officially announce his candidacy. Is planned.

Others aiming for the party’s top position are Mackay, former Tory diplomatic critic Michael Chung, Mayor Patrick Brown of Brampton, Ontario, and former Ontario MP Leona Areslev.

Canadian Press contributed to this article.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.