MP to vote for vaccine passport

Vaccine Vial-Marco Bartorello / AFP

Vaccine Vial-Marco Bartorello / AFP

Coronavirus article bar with counter ..

Coronavirus article bar with counter ..

MP will be voted About vaccine passport planning Risking the government’s defeat at the Commons before they were introduced, Telegraph Have learned.

Michael Gove, who leads the official review of the scheme, personally promised that the vaccine check would be given the opportunity to vote for critical lawmakers.

More than 70 lawmakers, including 41 Conservatives, have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister who opposes the use of vaccine passports. If more than 60 Tories rebelled and all opposition refused to support the passport, Johnson could be defeated at the Commons and the plan was abandoned.

Mr. Gove After dozens of people expressed concern, they called a group of parliamentarians and their actions last week.

A member of parliament told the newspaper:

The government is currently reviewing the passport system and the plan has not yet been finalized.

Vaccine passports from other countries

Vaccine passports from other countries

To Monday’s The Telegraph article, Sir Graham Brady, 1922 Committee Chairman warns that vaccine passports are “cumbersome, costly and unnecessary” if the UK is already in an “envious position where more than half of the population has antibodies” I am.

Tory rebels will need opposition support if they want to win the vote and cancel the plan.

The Shadow Cabinet has not yet decided whether Labor lawmakers will vote against it, but Sir Keir Starmer previously said he would consider the passport system “non-British,” according to sources on Sunday night.

Labor backbencher Clive Lewis, who opposes the passport plan, said many Labor lawmakers would join the rebels once the vote was taken.

“I think there is a calculation [in Labour HQ] This is not endorsed by the party as a whole, “he said.

“It’s also an opportunity to give the government a chance of defeat if there are a lot of Tories rebels. This is a rare opportunity, especially with a majority of 80 seats.”

Voting at the Commons could see an unlikely alliance between Libertarian Tories and the Socialist Campaign Group, a caucuse of members on the left side of the Labor Party. Both were critical of vaccination tests in the UK other than traveling abroad.

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis, Said the plan was “nonsense” on Sunday And it was decided to “give up our basic freedom.”

Sir Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, said the passport system was “illegal, infeasible, and completely ineffective.”

Writing for telegraph“There are a number of practical and ethical questions to answer before considering a broader deployment,” Gove admitted.

The plan is controversial, but Gove said it could “allow the rules of social distance to be relaxed more quickly,” increase venue capacity and pour money into the hospitality industry. ..

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