MPP states that despite Ford’s statement, hospitals can still require employees to receive the COVID vaccine

Despite Prime Minister Doug Ford’s statement that healthcare workers do not need to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, members of the Ontario Provincial Assembly say healthcare institutions can still mandate their own policies.

Ford said on November 3 that it would not force hospital workers to vaccinate in light of the challenges faced by other states in implementing vaccine obligations in medical institutions.

The prime minister said he was not ready to endanger Ontario’s health care system, endangering the lives of residents in need of critical medical services.

“After reviewing the evidence, our government has decided to maintain a flexible approach by leaving human resource decisions to individual hospitals,” he said.

Roman Baber, an independent MPP representing equestrian at the York Center in Toronto, states that the premiere “misrepresents reality.”

“Ten thousand [health care workers] Almost everyone will be fired [health care] Institutions have their own termination policy! Providing care to millions of Ontarians is at stake, “Bubber wrote. twitter November 3, following Ford’s statement.

Prior to Ford’s latest announcement, more than 12 hospitals across Ontario have so far enforced their staff vaccination obligations.

Unpaid leave in late September due to approximately 170 staff members at Windsor, Ontario hospitals (Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare and Windsor Regional Hospital) not receiving their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine by the time set by their employer. I took. ..

Other institutions include Toronto’s University Health Network, Hurompers Healthcare Alliance, Royal Victoria Regional Health Center, Ottawa Hospital, London Health Science Center, Cornwall Community Hospital, Brockville General Hospital, and William Osler Health System. ..

Babel To tell The prime minister needs to pass a bill that protects the livelihoods of unvaccinated health professionals and “or demands a moratorium on the retirement of health care workers.”

The Epoch Times asked the Prime Minister’s Office for comment, but a spokesperson replied, “Our statement is correct.” When asked if the agency could set its own vaccine obligations, the Epoch Times did not receive a response by the deadline.

On November 3, Quebec overturned its policy of suspending unvaccinated medical staff by the scheduled deadline of November 15.

Health Minister Christian Duvet said the retirement of these experts would have a negative impact on the state’s health system.

“To rob 8,000 people [in health staff ranks] Duvet said at a press conference.

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.