MPs motion to reconsider governor’s travel expenses after being misled on $100,000 catering bill


Brock Quebec MP Julie Vignola has introduced a motion to call more witnesses and investigate the general travel expenses of all governors, including Governor Mary Simon, after 2015. catering.

during a meeting Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimation October 3rd, Vignola Said She said she received about 500 emails from taxpayers upset about Simon’s spending on travel, and Conservative MP Kerry McCauley said she received about 1,300 in a single day.

Vignola requested three interviews with witnesses from the Department of Defense, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canadian Heritage and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

She said the committee should be informed about accommodation costs, catering costs, catering costs, travel costs, security costs, alcohol and beverage costs. said.

“After our committee meeting, we were informed of the details through the newspapers…they were unable to provide us with information because they did not have it at their disposal. , one newspaper got the information very quickly.” obtained By accessing a request for information to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

“Why do people who are ready, who are capable, show up before our committees when they don’t have these figures at hand, but the newspapers have them? Vignola told the commission that spending after 2015 should be paid with a “fine comb” so taxpayers know how their money is spent. I mentioned it before.

“We would like to avoid a situation like this happening again in the future. This is taxpayer money, and taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet,” Vignola added.

McCauley said two witnesses who testified in September “either misinformed, misled this commission, or deliberately misled this commission.”

In an interview with The National Post, Vignola called eyewitness testimony “disinformation by omission.”

“I was told [they were] We offer the same in-flight meals as Air Canada, but we don’t,” Macquarie said in an interview with the National Post. “So when I asked if it was filet mignon, he said, ‘No, it’s normal food!’ Well, beef Wellington is not normal food.”

Compiled in many places, invoices obtained by the National Post revealed many extravagant purchases.

Epoch Times photo
Governor Mary Simon inspects members of the 50-member Honor Guard of the Pacific Command at Parliament, Victoria, British Columbia, May 20, 2022. (Chad Hipolito/The Canadian Press)

They said the bill said $7,657.06 on the plane for the first leg of the trip to pick up Simon in the UK. It included bottled water for $984, lemon and lime slices for $165, and Perrier water for $128. Passengers had a choice of chicken tikka masala or apple-stuffed pork tenderloin with roasted squash and sautéed Brussels sprouts.

Then, on a seven-hour flight from the UK to Dubai, passengers had a choice of omelets or crepes for breakfast, and chicken scalopini or beef wellingtons marinated in creamy mushroom white wine for lunch.

Leaving Dubai, it cost me $16,276.75 to get food on the plane. Meal options included beef carpaccio, linguine and roasted vegetables. A special request for an arugula and wild rice salad was $247 plus a shopping “concierge fee” of $329 to purchase the ingredients.

“Breakfast during the 30-minute flight from Dubai to Doha to meet the Emir of Qatar was light for passengers…either yogurt or smoked salmon bagels,” the National Post said, adding that Simon and her husband ‘chosen the china plated’ masala omelet with chicken sausage and sautéed potatoes, or scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and hash browns.

Lt. Gen. Eric Kenny of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) told the commission that global catering on flights would be a “challenge” because “the options for who can be catered to are very limited.” said. He said some countries have much higher food prices than others.

Kenny said catering companies don’t break down the cost of menu items and the price they see is the overall cost.

The governor’s secretary, Christine McIntyre, told MPs at a committee meeting on September 22 that she was on the plane with Simon and that “the meals given were of the type you would get on a commercial flight. is,” he said.

“The cost was really shocking for all of us,” she said. “We ate eggs and we ate omelets.”

The movement of Vignola approved Witnesses were set to testify in November, and by the end of the month, full, blackout-free documentation was presented to the commission.

Peter Wilson contributed to this report.

David Wagner


David Wagner is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Winnipeg.