Mr. Trump closes personal blog

Former President Donald Trump’s web page has served as his primary means of communication since he took office. Banned by major social media companies, Was removed, his spokesman confirmed on Wednesday.

The blog titled “From Donald J. Trump’s Desk” has been permanently closed and “will not come back,” said senior aide Jason Miller. CNBC..

“This is just an aid to the wide range of efforts we are currently making,” Miller commented in an email. He suggested that the abolition of the page was related to a more grand plan being undertaken by the former president’s team.

Mr. Trump launched an alternative communications channel after being suspended from Facebook and Twitter following the January 6th Capitol riot. He called it illegal. Mr. Trump argued that election results were distorted by fraudulent voting prevailing in several fierce battle states and urged supporters to demand accountability in the ballot counting process.

Last week, Facebook’s independent oversight committee returned the company with a final decision on Mr. Trump’s permanent ban.

Republicans and Mr. Trump claim they are campaigning against tech companies’ targets for conservative ideas, suppressing the freedom of speech of millions of people. Mr. Trump is defeated in the election. After that, he promised to provide another path for conservatives who were deprived of their rights by social media tech.

When he launched his “desk” blog, Miller said it was a “good resource” for finding Trump’s remarks, but it didn’t work as a “new social media platform.”

Miller did not identify what Trump was trying to do instead of using his own independent page on Wednesday. The site includes a fundraising page, an online storefront, and his personal statement. I am.

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