Mr. Trump is a “terrible toddler” and is likely to announce the implementation soon, former Republican officials say.


Donald Trump Former Republican officials may announce that they will soon run for president because they have done all the “strange infant impulse control”, paying attention to the dirt revealed at the January 6 hearing. do not have.

“At the end of the day, he will do whatever he wants to do. He has shown it over and over again.” Kurt BardereA former Deputy Director of Communications for the Republican-controlled Housing Surveillance and Government Reform Commission told MSNBC. (He is currently a Democrat and a news commentator.)

“This guy has a weird toddler impulse regulation, so no one should be surprised about it. Republicans, yeah, I think this is the golem they created,” Valdera added.

Bardere The story of the New York Times Friday, hoping for a strengthened announcement about President Trump’s inauguration, further distracts the public from the “harmful flow of revelation” and declares that he will participate in the race as early as this month. There is likely to be.

“From past experience, everyone knows that Donald Trump doesn’t care about anyone but Donald Trump,” Valdera told MSNBC host Alex Witt. “So it doesn’t surprise me that he’s thinking about triggering now when faced with the growing criticism following the January 6 hearing.”

Valdera said the timing would probably “ruin” things for Republicans before the mid-term, as more negative testimony would pollute the candidate. But it’s worth it for Republicans to tie their future to Trump, he said.

“What do you know, Donald?” Bardere said. “Go outside, show everyone who you are and what you want to do, and destroy the Republicans by November.”

“These people have wanted to divorce Donald Trump for the past five years. They lacked the courage, the ability, and the courage to actually do it,” Valdera added. Behind the scenes, “they are rooting for the January 6th committee.”

Valdera claimed earlier this week that “no one was so excited” about the powerful testimony. Cassidy Hutchinson Than “Republicans who want to abolish Donald Trump”.

In her most horrifying revelation, Hutchinson, a former White House chief of staff aide to Mark Meadows, testified that Trump wanted to resign. Riot screening On January 6, 2021, he was known to have a weapon and was allowed to march to the Capitol that day. “”They are not here to hurt me“Hutchinson quoted Trump as saying.

Check out Bardere’s full interview about Trump in the video below. He talks about Trump strengthening his race announcement starting at 5:30:

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