Mr. Trump is interested in running for Congress in 2022 and launching a bullet each investigation into Mr. Biden

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Former President Donald Trump departs from the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City on May 18, 2021. James Devany / GC Image

  • The radio host suggested to Mr. Trump that he should run for Congress in 2022 and be chairman.

  • Mr. Trump replied that this was a “very interesting” idea and a better idea than running for the Senate.

  • In theory, Mr. Trump could be the Speaker of the House, but experts say it’s very unlikely.

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Former President Donald Trump is interested in running for Congress in 2022 and becoming Speaker of the House, and as a result, launching a bullet investigation into President Joe Biden. Right wing clock First reported.

In an interview with Friday afternoon, far-right radio host Wayne Allin Root suggested that Trump would run for Congress to “kill” Biden.

“Rather than waiting for 2024, you want to run in 2024, but why not run for the US Congress in 2022? Florida House of Representatives. A big win and a dramatic landslide. Lead to a victory. “Take 50 seats in the House of Representatives,” Root said.

“Then you will be Speaker of the House, leading Biden’s ammunition and launching a criminal investigation into Biden. Over the next two years, he will be wiped out,” continued the radio moderator.

Trump seemed obsessed with the idea. “It’s very interesting,” said the former president. “As you know, it’s very interesting,” he added.

He then said that Route’s idea “may be better” than the proposal to run for the Senate.

Steve Bannon told a group of Republicans in Boston in February that Trump should run for Congress in 2022. Boston Herald report.

“We have completely eliminated Nancy Pelosi, and President Trump’s first action as Speaker of the House is to impose Joe Biden for his illicit activity to steal his presidency,” Bannon said. Stated.

To be Speaker of the House, Trump does not have to win a seat in Congress. The Constitution does not require speakers to be incumbent members of the House of Representatives, even though all speakers have been incumbent so far.

But he will have to turn the House over and win the support of Republicans.

Experts say it is theoretically possible for Mr. Trump to play this role, but it is “unlikely.” Politifact..

Mr. Trump is also said to be considering running for the next presidential election. He told his peers that he could run again in 2024 if he was healthy. Insider report Late May.

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