Mr. Trump said Biden’s plans to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan are “greatly positive.”

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Washington Post via Salwan Georges / Getty Images, Tassoska Topodis / Getty Images

  • Donald Trump said President Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan later this year is “greatly positive.”

  • He urged the president to withdraw his army sooner.

  • Republican Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted with the former president, “I couldn’t argue anymore.”

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Former President Donald Trump has praised Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw all remaining US troops from Afghanistan as “greatly positive” and has been criticized by some Republicans.

Biden Officially announced on Wednesday He plans to withdraw all troops stationed in Afghanistan by September 11, and he saidAmerica’s longest war.. “

Trump praised the decision, but by the iconic September 11 deadline to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the deadly terrorist attack that prompted the start of US involvement in decades of conflict in Afghanistan. Was urged by the president to withdraw.

“The escape from Afghanistan is wonderfully positive, as we were planning to withdraw on May 1, so we need to be as close to that schedule as possible,” Trump said in a statement on Sunday.

“I hope Joe Biden does not use September 11 as the date of military withdrawal from Afghanistan for two reasons,” he added.

“First, you can and should get out early. 19 years is enough. In fact, it’s too long and too long. […] Second, September 11 represents a very sad event and period for our country and should continue to be a day of remorse and memory in honor of those great souls we have lost. “

Trump’s praise for the withdrawal has garnered criticism from Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Tweet “I couldn’t argue anymore,” he said with the former president.

“In honor of former President Trump,” wonderful “or allowing safe havens and sanctuaries to see terrorists reappear in Afghanistan or see Afghanistan pulled back into another civil war. There is nothing “positive”, “he tweeted.

Currently, an estimated 3,500 US troops are stationed in Afghanistan. The New York Times reported..

Biden officially announced plans to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan on Wednesday.Time to end America’s longest war.. “

“I’m currently the fourth US President to oversee the US military presence in Afghanistan. I’m two Republicans and two Democrats. I’m not going to take over this responsibility to the fifth.” He said..

Parliamentarians are separated by wisdom of movement. Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer said the plan was “Carefully thought out“But some top Republicans have blamed it.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said the U.S. military in Afghanistan saidIt helped to curb radical Islamic terrorism.“”

“Apparently, we will help the enemy ring on the anniversary of the 9/11 attack by gift-wrapping the country and returning it to them immediately,” McConnell said.

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