“Mrs. Sri Lanka” beauty contest injured by bust-up on stage

Sri Lanka's 2020 winner Caroline Julie removes 2021 winner Pushpicade Silva's crown

The winner of Mrs. Sri Lanka was accused of divorcing

The winner of Sri Lanka’s largest cosmetology award suffered a head injury after a brawl on stage.

Queen Pushpica de Silva of the Beauty Contest won the title of “Mrs. Sri Lanka” at a national television ceremony on Sunday.

After a while, the 2019 winner won De Silva’s crown, claiming he couldn’t win the title because of his divorce.

The prize was returned to Mr. DeSilva after the pageant organizer confirmed that she was not divorced.

The judge nominated Ms. De Silva as the winner of 2021 in the Sri Lankan Mrs. Final at the Colombo Theater on Sunday night.

However, 2019 winner Caroline Julie stripped Ms. De Silva’s crown, citing the pageant’s rule that competitors must not marry and divorce.

“I’m taking steps to put the crown in second place because there are rules to prevent women who are already married and divorced,” Julie told the audience.

She put the crown on the runner-up and urged Ms. De Silva, who shed tears, to step off the stage. The video of the incident showed..

Celebration on stage at the Sri Lankan Beauty Contest

The video showed the winner Caroline Julie handing the crown to the runner-up.

The organizer apologized to Mr. DeSilva, who said she was separated but not divorced.

In a Facebook post she said she went to the hospital Receive treatment for head injury after the incident.

Ms. DeSilva said she would take legal action against the “irrational and insulting” methods she was treated with.

“I’m a woman who hasn’t divorced yet,” she wrote. “A true queen is not a woman who robs another woman’s crown, but a woman who secretly wears another woman’s crown!”

Mrs. Sri Lanka World’s national director, Chandi Marjayasinge, told the BBC that the crown would be returned to Ms. DeSilva on Tuesday.

“We’re disappointed. It’s shameful how Caroline Julie behaved on stage, and the Mrs. World organization has already begun investigating this issue,” he added.

Police asked Julie and Jayasinge, who currently hold the title of “Mrs. World,” about the incident.

Mrs. Sri Lanka’s World Beauty Contest is a major national contest. The Prime Minister’s wife was among the guests at the ceremony.

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