MSNBC hosts challenge Trump’s aides after explaining plans to overturn the 2020 elections

MSNBC's Ari Melber and Peter Navarro

Ari Melber and Peter Navarro on MSNBC’s “The Beat”.Beat with Ari Melber on Twitter / MSNBC

  • Peter Navarro described Trump’s allies’ plans to decertify the 2020 election results to MSNBC.

  • He elaborated on his plans to challenge the results in the fierce battle state.

  • Host Ari Melber counterattacked, asking, “Did you notice that you are explaining the coup?”

MSNBC host Alimelber argues with former Trump Whitehouse economic adviser Peter Navarro that he is actually “explaining the coup” about plans to challenge the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. I did.

Navarro has been promoted Mr. Trump claims that President Joe Biden, who has been in office for nearly a year, did not actually win the 2020 elections.

In Beat’s Tuesday appearance, Melber asked Navarro about the plans of the Trump Allies to challenge Biden’s victory.

Navarro plans to use more than 100 U.S. members and senators for “beat” to challenge election results in six fierce battle states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Said that.

“And basically, these are of sufficient concern among the legislatures that if the vote is sent back to these battlefield states and reviewed again, almost or all of those states will revoke the election authorization. It was a place we believed to be, “Navaro said.

He continued: “It will throw elections in the House of Representatives, and I will tell you here, Ali, this was also legally in the lane. It was stipulated by the Constitution. There is a stipulation. Go to the House of Representatives, not through the Electoral College. “

He said the process began on January 6, 2021 when lawmakers began to challenge Arizona’s results and criticized the media.

Mr. Melber then argued that: Not to mention siding with any of the claims you just mentioned. Therefore, legally, they didn’t go anywhere. “

He then explained the plan Navarro outlined and asked, “Are you aware that you are explaining the coup?”

Navarro replied: “No. I completely reject many of your facilities out there.”

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