Multiple states in the United States again file a complaint against Google due to the monopoly of the Play Store

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is sworn in prior to testifying at a House Judiciary Committee hearing â????examining Google and its Data Collection, Use and Filtering Practicesâ???? on Capitol Hill in Washington, US, December 11, 2018. REUTERS /Jim Young-RC1855757920

Jim Young / Reuters

Google has been sued by multiple states in the United States because of its monopoly.according to Politico It is reported that 36 states and Washington, DC have been in California federal courts a few days agoFile a lawsuit, Accusing Google’s Play Store of anti-competitive behavior. This is the fourth antitrust lawsuit against Google in the past year. At the end of last year, they were sued by multiple states for advertising and search business. In addition, it was also the target of the Ministry of Justice.

This new lawsuit is mainly due to the 30% of the Play Store’s commission, and it is also not unrelated to the Play Store payment system that Google plans to implement later this year. The latter plan was opposed by Netflix, Spotify and other major subscribers after its announcement. As for the commission, as the new policy of only 15% for the first 1 million US dollars was officially implemented on July 1, Google has to face The pressure may be slightly less.

In addition, although Google Play is an absolute strong presence in the application store of the Android platform, users still have other places to go (many manufacturers have their own app market), and there is also a way to install APK files directly. In its official response to the lawsuit, Google said that the other party’s “attack on a system that is more open and offers more opportunities” was completely “weird and lacking legal basis.” “This lawsuit is not to help the weak or protect consumers. It is behind the large app developers who enjoy the benefits of the Play Store without paying any price.” said Wilson White, senior director of Google’s public policy.

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