Murkowski trolls Alaska Senate challenger as she takes first place vote

Senator Lisa Markowski (R-Alaska) trolled Republican Kelly Tzibaka after winning the number one vote in her state’s Senate election.

Alaska’s rank-selection voting system means voters rank candidates from first to last, with a majority of first-place votes required for a candidate to win outright without requiring an additional round need to do it.

Although no candidate is predicted to receive a majority of the first-place votes in the first round, Chibaka has had a slight lead over Markowski since election day, but Markowski has taken the lead. Tweet on her campaign account on Friday.

Murkowski posted a GIF of the movie The Usual Suspects. This includes his one line at the beginning of the film.

“And just like that…” The GIF says, followed by text overlaying it, “Gone is Kelly’s claim that she lost because of rank selection.”

Murkowski, with 98% of the vote as of Friday night, leads Tshibaka by about 0.4 points in the first-place vote.

In ranked selection, if no one wins a majority in the first round, the candidate with the fewest first-place votes is eliminated and the votes are redistributed to the remaining candidates according to the voters’ second preference. increase.

Republican Buzz Kelly won less than 3% of the vote, so he lost first, and Democrat Pat Chesbro, who received about 10% of the vote, lost on the second ballot.

Whichever candidate gets more Chesbro votes will probably win the race. Analysts see Markowski as more likely to win because she’s more moderate than Tibaka and her less support for former President Trump.

All absentee ballots will be tallied by Wednesday, and additional vote tallies from additional rounds will be published.

formerly a conservative condemned After Rep. Mary Peltra (Democrat) won the Alaska House special election in August with ample first and second place votes over Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Vezich. Ranked Choice Voting.

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