Music banned on Greek island of Mykonos with new COVID-19 restrictions

Athens — Greece banned music in restaurants and bars on Saturday after an increase in new coronavirus infections on Mykonos, limiting travel on the popular holiday island of Mykonos.

Known as the ultra-rich party island, Mykonos is one of Greece’s most popular destinations, attracting more than one million visitors each summer, including Hollywood stars, models and world-renowned athletes. I’m fascinated.

Following a “worried” local outbreak, the Ministry of Civil Protection has banned music on the island 24 hours a day, from 1 am to 6 am for people entering and exiting work or for health reasons. He said he would only allow movement to.

It said the restrictions would be enforced until July 26th.

Greece relies on tourism for one-fifth of its economy, and following the dire situation of 2020, when visitor numbers and revenues collapsed, a strong season is urgently needed this year.

Infections have increased in Greece in recent weeks, with new restrictions nationwide, including requiring vaccinations for health care workers and nursing home staff and allowing only vaccinated customers indoors in restaurants and clubs. Has been introduced.

“We are calling on the residents, visitors and experts of the beautiful island to adhere to the measures, which will allow us to quickly control and contain the spread of the virus and bring Mykonos back to normal. “The ministry said.

By Karolina Tagaris

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