Musk’s lawyer says Twitter is spurring new bids for company


NEW YORK (AP) — Elon Musk’s lawyers Thursday urged a Delaware court to stop further trials after Twitter refused to accept Tesla billionaire’s new $44 billion bid for the social media company. I said I wanted it.

Musk made a new offer Musk hopes to put an end to the protracted legal battle that began earlier this week to take over the social media platform. Tried to withdraw from April The deal and Twitter sued.

A Twitter representative did not immediately respond to messages in the comments.

Earlier this week, Twitter said it intended to close the deal at the agreed price, but Musk’s trial in Delaware for Oct. 17 is still booked over his earlier attempts to close the deal. ing.Wednesday, the judge presiding over the case she said to keep moving forward towards Because neither side was officially moving to stop it at the time.

Musk’s lawyers said the trial should be postponed to give Musk more time to secure funding.

A court document signed by Musk’s attorney, Edward Micheletti, said, “Twitter will not say yes.” We jeopardized the deal and gambled the interests of our shareholders.”

The San Francisco-based company (shareholders voted to approve the deal) has sued Twitter to force Musk to complete the deal after it tried to cancel it four months ago. are unlikely to depart from the agreement.

Rather, Twitter likely wants assurances from Musk’s side that this time he’s serious and won’t walk away again.

Eric Talley, a law professor at Columbia University, tweeted on Thursday. (They tried that in April and it didn’t work.)” However, he added that Twitter takes “authenticated bank transfers” from Musk.

Musk’s attorney claims Twitter has not agreed to stay the case “based on the theoretical possibility” that Musk will not raise funds, calling it “baseless speculation.” .

They said Musk’s financial backers have “shown they are ready to keep their promises” and are working to close the deal by Oct. 28.

Shares of Twitter fell $1.91, or 3.7%, to close at $49.39 on Thursday. The decline was the second day after Musk’s newly proposed acquisition of the company surged more than 22% on Tuesday.