Muslim Americans Organize to Fight Prejudice After 9/11

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Residents of Guinea’s capital celebrate military takeover

The hijacked soldiers said on state television that they had dissolved the West African government and constitution and closed all land and air borders. Pickup trucks and military vehicles with motorcyclists and cheering spectators. The mainland of the Calum district, where the palace and most government ministries are located, was blocked. “The people of Guinea are free,” said Umar Dialo, celebrating on the streets. Conakry on Sunday morning A video shared on social media on Sunday afternoon that Reuters could not immediately authenticate showed President Alpha Conde in a room surrounded by military special forces. Despite fierce protests from the opposition, he changed the constitution to allow him to stand again and raises further p concerns Political in areas where coups have occurred in Mali and Chad in recent months. Confusion The Guinean government has raised taxes significantly in recent weeks to replenish the state’s financial resources. Fuel prices have risen by 20%, causing dissatisfaction for many Guineans. Guinea has achieved sustainable economic growth in Conde’s decade of power, thanks to the wealth of bauxite, iron ore, gold and diamonds, but few citizens are enjoying the benefits. ..