Muslim family sues Delta over ‘wrongful’ removal from Atlanta to Baltimore flight

Delta 767.

Delta said he would defend himself against the family’s allegations.Marcus Mainka/Shutterstock

  • Hisham Kassab and his two sons are suing Delta Air Lines for being excluded from 2019 flights.

  • The family is Muslim, and Kasab believed that “discriminatory attitudes may have played a role.”

  • Delta said it plans to defend itself against the allegations.

A Muslim family is suing Delta Air Lines for being “wrongfully” removed from a flight in 2019, according to documents filed in Maryland District Court.

Hisham Kassab claims he and his young children were removed from the flight because Delta staff and passengers made false claims against him.

The family claims the actions were “unjust, unfair, unjust, malicious and callous”.

Kasab and his sons Ibrahim and Karim, then 7 and 11, were en route from Rome, Italy to Baltimore in August 2019, with a layover in Atlanta.

While waiting to board his flight to Baltimore, Kasab began talking to agents at Deltagate.

The family was initially cleared to board the plane, but was removed from the plane as soon as they were seated.

Kassab said he was given no explanation for being abducted and was asked to retrieve his belongings and follow flight attendants off the plane. After doing so, that door was “quickly closed”, leaving Casabs behind.

According to court documents, the flight’s captain said gate staff, flight attendants, and some passengers all said Kasab used profanity in his conversation with the gate staff, so he decided to exclude the family members. Decided.

Kassab denied uttering profanity, saying he was “perfectly polite”, adding that his family’s behavior was “perfectly conscientious, non-destructive and non-threatening”. rice field.

Kasab is a Muslim from the Middle East. According to the lawsuit, “In plaintiff Hisham Kassab’s opinion, a discriminatory attitude may have played a role in his false allegations against him and/or in his decision to remove the plaintiff from the plane.

Delta has moved to dismiss the lawsuit and said it intends to defend itself against the claims. The airline’s lawyers demanded “rigorous evidence” of the allegations and argued that Casabs made no claim that it was entitled to compensation.

It’s unclear if the family was later put on a Delta flight.

A Delta spokesperson told Insider:

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