“My conscience will not forgive me”

Community Safety Minister Ash Regan resigned hours before a law allowing Scottish people to legally change their gender by making a statutory declaration went to the vote.

The Scottish National Party front-venture said her “conscience” would not allow her to vote for the Scottish government in the first phase on Thursday and support the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill.

Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill It allows individuals to change their gender simply by filing a statutory declaration.

The age at which you can apply for the gender recognition process will be lowered from 18 to 16. Additionally, the length of time an applicant must live in the gender they have acquired is reduced from her two years to three months, requiring a medical diagnosis and evidence. It was deleted.

Under the bill, applicants would not have to undergo surgery or hormone therapy, and it would also simplify the process of changing the gender on a birth certificate.

“I resign from my position”

of Scotsman The majority of the SNP, most of the Scottish Labor Party, and all MSPs of the Scottish Green Party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats support the bill, so it was reported that the bill was all “but guaranteed to pass”. I’m here. Scotland’s Conservatives have been given a free vote and most are expected to vote against.

by letter Prime MinisterReagan said:

“My conscience has concluded that I will not allow you to vote with the government on the first phase of the bill this afternoon,” she said.

“As a result, I am writing to resign from my position as Minister for Community Safety in the Scottish Government,” added Regan.

Senior SNP politicians such as MP Joanna Cherry, women’s group, and Harry Potter author JK Rowling are opposing the bill, citing serious concerns about gender-based rights.

Rowling donned a t-shirt and supported a protest rally Scotland’s first minister was “a destroyer of women’s rights.

Sturgeon replied that he “never approached me to raise any concerns” about the bill.

Responding Regan’s resignation Prime Minister said:

“You never approached me, or indeed the Secretary of Social Justice in the Cabinet, to express your concerns about the gender recognition reform bill or about tonight’s vote.

“But in situations where a minister cannot support the government, the only options available are resignation before the vote or removal from office afterwards,” Sturgeon said.

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Owen Evans


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