My dad boycotted my wedding after I opposed the former president

Ali Safarir, a former Trump White House communications director, says her father boycotted the wedding because of criticism of the former president who accused him of inciting a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol. ..

On Friday’s “The View” broadcast, Farrer told her in November that a conservative father, Joseph and his stepmother, were “political differences after opposition to President Trump.” He said he refused to attend his marriage.

Farrer resigned in December 2020. This was a month after Trump lost to rival Joe Biden, and the former president has never officially accepted it.

“After three and a half years of incredible years, I will leave the White House to pursue new opportunities,” Farrer said at the time. “I am deeply proud of the wonderful things we have achieved to make our country stronger, safer and safer.” But after the January 6 riots, she against Trump. The tone changed and she got a cold shoulder from her dad.

“The answer was simple,” said Pentagon spokesman and former Vice President Mike Pence. “Similarly, I love them. They welcomed me to be by my side. But if they don’t want to be there, why I’m trying to take them there my special Will you interrupt the day? “

Asked if her father belongs to MAGA’s “cult,” Farrer replied: So listen, the strength of MAGA is really deep and deep. “

But “I enjoyed the wedding,” she added. “I had to be with my new family.”

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