“My dog ​​was my life.” A fire in a kennel in Kentucky killed dozens of dogs and devastated their owners.

Almost all dogs in the Birdstown kennel died after a major fire, causing “catastrophic” damage.

The doggy style kennel, a facility for breeding, training and breeding Labrador retrievers, lost all but one dog when the owner found the entire kennel on fire and returned home on Friday.

“Today, I came back from town with a lot of dog food to find the kennel burning,” owner Ron Kramer said in a Facebook post on Friday afternoon.

He said the only survivor was a dog named Candy. She somehow escaped the fire through the gate.

“I can imagine how devastating this is,” he said. “My dog ​​was my life.”

Claimer I shared the video on his company’s Facebook page Showed the seriousness of the fire.

According to the Facebook page, Kramer appeared to have dozens of dogs in the kennel. Some were less than a month old.

Kramer said his business aimed at providing “highest quality” family pets, sports pets and service dogs will be revived. Community members have launched the GoFundMe page to raise money to rebuild the kennel.

Page organizer Danielle O’Rourke got a dog named Lucy from Kraemer’s business, she said in a GoFundMe post.

“How much Ron loved dogs just for his personal experience of his business, his voice in the videos he always shares, and my Lucy is the best I’ve ever received. It was one of the gifts, “O’Rourke said.

Kramer does not say how the fire started. He called him at the Louisville news station, WLKY, and Doghouse fire Before he goes home.