My family of six receives a large monthly child tax credit. This is a problem.

5th check Probably in the email, or it will be soon. Same as the last four – $ 804.We are receiving new Child tax credit Created by March President Joe Biden and Democrats in Parliament, They are now trying to extend it At least next year With their trillion dollar spending bill. But if these checks stop, it would be better for us and the United States.

My wife and I know the reason behind these checks: Parenting is difficult, so the government wants to try to make it a little easier. Real parenting is a slogan. I have four kids, seven, five, three and six months old, and every day is crazy than last time. But does that really mean we need a DC to pay us? $ 3,600 $ 3,000 per child from 6 to 17 years old per child up to 6 years old? That sounds great, but child tax credits are problematic. Democratic Party of Parliament I’m starting to discover.

Destroy the independence of the middle class

Historically, federal support has been tailored to the luckiest and most vulnerable people, but child tax credits are Middle class.

Family About 60 million children We receive these monthly checks, including families with high-paying jobs. Families like me will soon be requesting checks funded by taxpayers. To make matters worse, we become dependent on money.

It doesn’t matter who you are: As soon as you use it, start by not needing cash just to find out what you need it. Maybe you bought a new minivan. Maybe you have subscribed to a lot of streaming services. Maybe you put that money into a bigger mortgage for a better home. No matter what they use it for, the family is already spending money as if it was always there, and will always be there. Its name is a dependency.

President Joe Biden talks about the payment of child tax credit relief payments made in Washington, DC on July 15, 2021.

President Joe Biden talks about the payment of child tax credit relief payments made in Washington, DC on July 15, 2021.

Some Democrats are awakened to this fact. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, Important swing voting In the Senate Push to cap the check For families who earn less than $ 60,000.Others at the party – including Rep. Jared Golden When Senator Sherrod Brown – It also supports lowering the income threshold, suggesting that wealthy families will not receive it.Still, even though the enhanced tax credits are limited to low-income families, it still suffers from major problems – especially. Lack of connection to work.

Normally I have to work hard for $ 800, but this money came regardless of the effort I spent. My wife and I recognize that raising a child is a form of work of its own, but it’s not a day in the office, but a love labor. .. For some reason, I can’t help feeling that my work is reduced and even unnecessary.

Child tax credits & # 39; will make a difference. & # 39; Family plans how to spend additional cash

Child tax credits “will make a difference.”The family plans how to spend the extra cash

For me, it’s just a feeling. But for many families, it’s an obsession. The new child tax credit will be paid regardless of whether the parent is working or not. evidence Shows that 1.5 million parents can leave the workforce altogether, relying solely on checks and other government programs.

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Manchin seems to be the only Democrat who understands it is wrong.He has Request work requirements, Over the last 30 years, it has been consistent with almost all other federal family support programs.It’s unclear if he will succeed, as the rest of the party is putting pressure on him to build and accept him. 1 year extension.. But he’s right to wonder why he needs a policy that drives people to the bystanders of the economy rather than staying in the game.

Astonishing costs hurt our children

Many lawmakers are also reacting to the incredible cost of child tax credits. Manchin and maybe Senator Arizona Kyrsten Cinema, Who tried Cost cut From a wider spending bill.

It costs money to extend for one year Over $ 100 BillionBut you should believe it is the floor, not the ceiling.Rolling back qualifications is almost impossible and credits will cost you for over a decade $ 1.6 trillion..

Nick Adolfsen, Kansas City, Missouri, June 2021.

Nick Adolfsen, Kansas City, Missouri, June 2021.

And it assumes that it won’t become more generous over time – as other qualifications often do. My children who receive us a check have to repay the huge amount of national debt that has been piled up. And unlike child tax credits, the debt comes with interest rates, so my kids will get more than we pay each month.

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The check is proceeding smoothly. December, There is a final payment when my wife and I file a tax return in April. If the child tax credit doesn’t expire, the monthly check divorced from work will soak into a house like us, so I hope it’s heard last. It’s unclear if Congress has a vote to extend it. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that lawmakers shouldn’t.

Nick Adolfsen I am the Secretary-General of the Foundation for Government Accountability.

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