My friend invited my ex to our girl’s trip

question: “Earlier this year, I surprised my girlfriend with a ticket for a concert in another state, so I decided to turn it into a vacation. I’m planning for about three months, with plane tickets, airbnb, and fun stuff. Well, two days ago we were going to pay all these costs, and my friend decided to tell me Former boyfriend (The person I’ve been dating for 2 years) is coming! We broke up half a year ago. I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to say at that moment. I’m always thinking about it and can’t understand how I was trying to do something good for my friends and why they invite my ex-boyfriend together.

Originally I was planning to be 4 girls and 1 boyfriend. So they say my ex is coming to give someone else’s company. But they never told me this all the time we were planning and waited until the day we paid for rentals and plane tickets. I want to have a good time, but now I’m having trouble with my ex-boyfriend and a 10-day trip. We didn’t talk because I broke up with him, and I don’t consider him my friend. I don’t understand why he agrees to come on this trip I originally planned.I don’t know why A friend of mine” I think this is okay. I’m sure they don’t want their ex-partners to come either. I have nothing to disagree with, but now that he is there, I feel that my experience is not the same. But I also don’t want to ruin the trip for anyone. I love my friends, so I just wanted to do something good for them. But at the moment, I’m pretty angry with them, and it’s just eating me because I don’t do it to them. Who in their right mind thinks this is okay? Not sure if I’m taking this too personally or overreacting? Please let us know what you think. “

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answer: “I apologize for dealing with this sabotage, which means a fun trip. It’s a shame that your friend who gave you the concert ticket changed such a nice gesture to you. Enjoy. I don’t think I’m overreacting. It’s a strange situation and I’m wondering what their real motives are. Should I deal with it?

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I think it is essential to sit down and talk with your friends as soon as possible. They need to understand that your intentions were behind this trip and why this is so angry with you. No matter how friendly the split is, staying around the previous partner for 10 consecutive days is not an ideal vacation for everyone. You are supposed to have fun with your friends, go out, and meet new people, which is a bit difficult as a healthy person breathes over your shoulder. And while he may not cause problems, it’s still not what you wanted for the trip you started, and it’s something you need to tell your friends. Maybe during this conversation it will become clear why they felt the need to invite him.

If they insist he attends and you are still uncomfortable with it, I will somehow consider modifying the plan or canceling it altogether. If you are unable to invite others, get refunds / credits, or sell your tickets, consider refraining from non-refundable deposits. I had a bad trip with her friend before and had to get my hotel for the rest of the time and haven’t talked to her ever since. I don’t want to see you have to do that because things get so uncomfortable when you get to your destination. I noticed that you call them your “friends”, and I think you may be working on something. Real, real, compassionate friends do not invite ex together on a trip. But I hope they benefit from suspicion and there is no malice behind this invitation. Talking to them gives you more insight.

We wish you all the best of luck and enjoy your trip.


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