My grandmother was stunned after finding that the “pinstripes” pattern on her pants was actually a curse.


The female movie grandmother's reaction to finding leggings patterns actually consists of explicit words (TikTok / @chels_bb).

The female movie grandmother’s reaction to finding leggings patterns actually consists of explicit words (TikTok / @chels_bb).

Females have entertained viewers Ticktaku By sharing her moment grandmother Noticed leggings What she wore was actually decorated Swearing words Not a pinstripe.

and video This week, a woman named Chelsea posted on the app. Chelsea is accessed with the username @.chels_bb, She can be seen zooming in on her grandmother’s black leggings. At first glance, it looks like it is designed with white pinstripes.

However, as TikTok shows, the pants are actually adorned with the word “f *** you” written in small prints.

“My Nana thought these trousers were pinstripes,” Chelsea captioned the clip.

That awareness evoked an astonishing reaction from Chelsea’s grandmother. Chelsea’s grandmother replied, “Oh my god,” when the camera angle panned and showed her terrifying look.

The adorable clip, which boasts over 10.5m views, is also enjoyed by viewers and writes: Your Nana is amazing. Everywhere, everything here is great. “

Another joked: “Nana knew what they said, but she had to play it.”

TikTok also prompted a response from Chelsea Handler who commented “Whoopsied noodles”.

In addition to those who made the clips interesting, many viewers asked in the video where to buy the trousers worn by Chelsea’s grandmother.

“I always wear them. Where did she get them?” One asked, another said. And I need them, so where is your Nana shop? “

In a follow-up video, Chelsea talked about responding to her grandmother’s costume accident, and TikToker revealed that she didn’t expect the video to be so viral.

Chelsea also had the opportunity to praise her grandmother, adding that “my Nana is just a jewel of man” before revealing that leggings are available for purchase on Red Bubble.

Chelsea then revealed that her grandmother did not buy leggings. The leggings were actually purchased by her late aunt.

“And when she died, my Nana took some of her clothes, and she didn’t really know what they said they said,” she continued. ..

In another follow-up video, Chelsea revealed that after watching TikTok, trying to get a discount code for everyone who wants to buy leggings failed.

However, she realized she was planning to buy her own trousers.

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