My head was about to explode at the White House Correspondents’ Supper

Unless you live here, why do you care, so I usually don’t mind writing articles about things like the White House Correspondents’ Association supper.

However, the massive indoor event at the Washington Hilton returned for the first time since 2019 on Saturday night, despite members of the administration, including Vice President Kamala Harris, recently tested positive for COVID.and it is Dozens of people are reportedly positive After another Washington founding event, the Glidylon Dinner, earlier this month. Doctor in Chief Anthony Fauci even decided he was willing to take the risk of attending. But apparently WHCD couldn’t — it’s not! — Canceled for 3 consecutive years.

And I had hundreds of unmasked journalists, celebrities, politicians, and a White House reporter of the day in a crowded room of President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden. Almost everyone got excited about it, took pictures of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, and behaved like a normal night.For a city that takes pride in having the most rational and analytical mind in the country, this weekend it suffered from a collective case of cognitive dissonance, and you TRUE We need to question the wisdom of advancing the event.

The moment of program clarity came not from Washington’s own very serious people, but from Trevor Noah, the man who was there to make fun of them.

“I’m very honored to be able to speak at one of the country’s most prestigious super-spreader events tonight,” joked Noah, headliner for dinner. “Are you reading your newspaper?” After the table was packed into a crowded basement ballroom, the crowd of thousands sitting at the table just laughed together. interesting! [laughs sobs]

“You guys have been wearing masks for the past two years and have told everyone the importance of avoiding large indoor gatherings. Then someone else offered you a free dinner and you All turn into Joe Rogan, “Noah said. “Fauci thought it was too dangerous to come tonight. Pete Davidson thought it was okay and we all went with Pete.”

Indeed, everyone was tested and vaccinated for the event. And listen, I’m not going to be a hitman — the night had a touching moment share! They introduced a new award honoring Alice Danigan and Ethel Payne. The first black woman of the White House Correspondents.. A scholarship was awarded to a young and ambitious journalist. And it’s great to see the Fourth Estate really grateful at night with the president who can make jokes when the press is constantly being attacked.

But “Official Washington” likes to call itself, so you need to consider the example you set up this weekend for the main event and all the small side parties leading up to it.

If your approach to COVID is to take the calculated risk, the questions raised this weekend are: Is spending a weekend night at a work event really worth the potential to get it? What is the result of the image of people who seem to be the most trusted names in the news at an event that flies against common sense?

In a supper statement, Biden, who hadn’t worn a mask for nearly 90 minutes, was sitting at the headtable, but the press said it reflected the country.

“Good journalism has a mirror on ourselves to look back on the good, the bad, and the truth,” Biden said.

If so, it’s not a shock to think that it’s cool that many countries have returned to a completely normal life based on this weekend’s show. I sincerely hope that the WHCD2022 was not a super spreader.

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