My journey from left to right

When I was in the first year of college, my senior invited me to a student group meeting. It was a small group student conference to discuss the future of the communist revolution and the Indian revolution around the world. It took me a while to understand that the student group was a small far-left organization that was active in college at the time.

As a kid, the leftist ideology always fascinated me. Growing up in Kerala, India, which was a big supporter of the leftist party, we were reading a lot of magazines from the Soviet Union at the time. They portrayed the happy lives of the people of the Soviet Republic. If that wasn’t enough, a full-page ad with a photo of North Korean Prime Minister Kim Il Sung appeared in the newspaper. Naturally, I sympathized with a student organization with a left-wing idealism. But my priority was to focus on studying and getting a job.

Over time, I learned more about Marxism and other communist idealisms. The lives of the poor in different parts of the world and their exploitation by the rich worried me. Almost 40 years after listening to supporters of Chinese model communism, I realized that I had acted in earnest from left to right. I think the cause is COVID.

Initially, when COVID began to spread, I was worried about its seriousness. When I found the mainstream media singing the same song, I was convinced that the virus from Wuhan was supposed to kill us all.

The turning point was when governments around the world began distributing vaccines as the only solution for the virus. For me, it was unacceptable because I have been nurturing and nurturing health for a long time through natural habits and a healthy lifestyle. The result was suspicion of government, political parties, professional organizations, and mainstream media.

As I began to hear dissenting opinions, more and more media and organizations were confronting the official version. At that time, I decided to participate in the World Freedom March in Brisbane, Queensland on January 22nd.

What I saw was an atmosphere of open talk, mutual respect, and a collective determination to combat the efforts of politicians and their donor organizations. It was amazing to see how people would step forward and participate in the protest march without the support of politicians, the media and donors.

I think it’s time for change.

The world before World War II was dominated by colonial rulers who treated the colonies as private property.

In the post-WWII world, the weapons business of bartering weapons for human life has emerged. Then came the financial and technology companies. This also gives way and proves that only change is permanent.

If communism was not respected in the 21st century, it would not change with the times. Instead, the political parties chartered to take care of the world’s workers are now partnering with wealthy companies to rule the world. What we need now is a free world that respects choices, identities and rights. Not a government that sells all-purpose global solutions.

Jose Puttanani

Queensland, Australia

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