My Pillow pulls ads from the network through rejected fraud commercials


Jim Watson

Jim Watson

Pillow mogul Mike Lindell who boosts playing cardsThe company’s My Pillow, one of Fox News’s biggest advertisers, said Thursday night that it was pulling commercials out of the network to avoid running commercials that impose unfounded claims in 2020 elections. ..

NS The Wall Street Journal First reported About Lindel’s decision.

“Shame on Fox News! Lindel told The Daily Beast:” When they were told they wouldn’t run ads, I said they would stop Fox ads immediately and indefinitely. “

In response to claims that Lindel was pulling ads soon, Fox News said in a statement: “The number one cable news network,” Fox News said in a statement.

Over the past few months, Lindel has become more and more Expressed his dissatisfaction on Fox News Because it doesn’t advertise or mention His wasted effort To “prove” that Donald Trump lost the election by operating a voting machine. In fact, President Joe Biden won the election decisively. According to countless election authorities and courts, there was no evidence that widespread fraud was the cause of Trump’s election losses.

Lindel was particularly furious that the network hadn’t planned to cover his upcoming “cyber symposium” in recent weeks. He has long hyped and finally revealed indisputable evidence that Trump won the election. He recently said that the data revealing voting machine scams is very compelling and even the Supreme Court will. Revive Trump next month With a unanimous decision.

A 72-hour symposium will be livestreamed next month on his website Lindel told the salon last week They were ignoring it, so he was planning to run an ad on a network promoting the Sioux Falls event.

“fox [News] I’m not talking about elections, “Lindel told Salon. “So, at least for ads, create an ad that talks about broadcasting it. [cyber symposium] 72 hours in a row. “

However, according to Lindel, Fox News refused to run a commercial promoting the symposium and instructed ad buyers to immediately cancel all other ads on the network. Fox, meanwhile, doesn’t say whether he refused to run the ad in question.

“Why don’t they even advertise directions to places where people can see the symposium online? Take a break,” he added to The Daily Beast. “The situation will change, but for now, we have no plans to advertise again on Fox News.”

Fox News rejected the ad, Lindel told the salon The network’s far-right competitors, Newsmax and OAN, have agreed to air a symposium commercial. OAN has Lindel’s previously aired “Documentary Film” It probably revealed “absolute evidence” of election fraud, but there was a major disclaimer that kept the channel away from his claims.

Lindel also said that the commercial did not specifically claim fraudulent elections. At the same time, he said the symposium would definitively prove that Trump had won the election.

Pillow salesman added that he spent more than $ 50 million on Fox News ads last year and has dropped another $ 19 million this year. According to ad analytics site, My Pillow is ranked among the top 5 advertisers on the network.

Lindel found himself caught up in legitimate boiling water over his barbaric and unfounded allegations that corrupt voting machine software had thrown millions of Trump votes at Biden. For example, voting machine maker Dominion Voting Systems has filed a $ 1.3 billion defamation proceeding against Lindel and his company. Lindel continued a strange counter-measure, Claims that Dominion is engaged in a racketeering plot.

I also have Dominion and voting software company Smartmatic Both filed proceedings against Fox News, Alleged that network hosts and guests made defamatory remarks, and falsely accused the company of fraudulent elections. Submitted by Fox News Motion to dismiss both casesHe argued that the coverage of the allegations of election fraud was newsworthy and subject to the First Amendment.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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