“My wine is older than your apartheid state”

Twitter users blamed the weekend after former adult movie star Mia Khalifa called Israel an “appart-eyed” nation on Twitter and seemed to ridicule its young history on Twitter.

“My wine is older than your apartheid’state’,” said Lebanese-American actress and voice actor Palestinian supporter, a picture of himself sipping French wine. Written with.

In this tweet, one of Israel’s most famous actresses, Gal Gadot, overlooks her position on the violence between Israel and Palestinian, which has reached the most intense conflict in almost a decade, with Khalifa’s “Genocide Barbie.” It was done less than a month after I called it.

“You are drinking wine made in Nazi-occupied France in 1943, but you deny the thousands of years of Jewish history in the hometown of our ancestors. Your anti-Jewish I’m happy to find the perfect combination for! ”The Iraqi refugees wrote on Twitter.

“Your” wine is actually the wine of Western geniuses, who created it before it was imagined that a crap like you lived in a civilized society. ” Answered. “Then you came, undressed, persuaded the barbarians to pay, and bought a product of Western civilization. Great dunk!”

“Your group of terrorists has never won the war while the bottle of wine exists,” Town Hall contributor Kurt Schrichter responded.

Research journalist David Collier also participated.

“These viral’my grandma is older than Israel’type tweets are pretty interesting,” he wrote. “Sneezing may only be heard for a moment, but it’s a second longer than any other country in Palestine.”

“Mia needs to drink wine (or whatever else she likes) in Gaza for five minutes and see what it looks like,” another user replied. “So @billmaher “If Bella Hadid and his friends had to live in Gaza for a day, they would run screaming at Tel Aviv,” he said correctly.

A Twitter thread went in a surprising direction when a user responded to Khalifa’s post and wrote, “Take a break, take a break and go to France,” and clearly mention the wine of her choice. Changed to.

Khalifa shouted, “Silence the colonialists, I’m not uplifting you, but your hijab ban is just because I oppress the Zionists.” It is likely that he mentioned the French Senate’s proposal to ban girls under the age of 18 from wearing hijab in public areas.

Former porn star in the virus hijab scene soars

Khalifa spread by word of mouth after filming a scene wearing a hijab in 2014. At the time, she said her choice of hat led to death threats from ISIS.

Despite leaving the company in just three months in 2015 and having a short career in the adult film industry, Harifa is one of the most popular pornographic actresses, with 24.1 million Instagram followers and 370 Twitter followers. Over 10,000 people.

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