Myanmar airspace enters Thai airspace and urges evacuation


Bangkok (AP) — Myanmar fighters crossed the border into Thai airspace on Thursday, scrambled Thai Air Force jets, and ordered officials to evacuate villages and classrooms, officials said.

The Royal Thai Air Force dispatched two F-16 fighters to the area after receiving reports of aircraft crossing Thai airspace while attacking Myanmar territory owned by a minority group. He said he had patrol. He warned the Myanmar authorities to the military attaché of the Thai Embassy in Myanmar and urged them to cooperate to avoid similar incidents in the future.

The sound of fighters flying over the Poppra district of Tak Province, Thailand, surprised local governments who ordered the evacuation of villages and schools in the area. Well school teachers guided more than 200 elementary and junior high school students from the classroom to a fortified building in the school playground for safety.

Local media reported that residents saw an aircraft identified as the MiG-29 drawing several circles in the Thai airspace above villages and schools before firing on the Myanmar side.

The battle between Myanmar’s government forces and many ethnic guerrillas living in the border area has lasted for decades, but has intensified since the army seized power from a democratically elected government last February. The fighting sent a wave of refugees fleeing from Myanmar to Thailand. Then, as the battle recedes, they are sent back.