MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is “sick of” two banks claiming to have cut off their relationship with him over “cultural cancellation” after the January 6 committee summoned phone records. I’m doing it. “


Mike Lindell mypillow ceo

My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell.Associated Press Photo / Manuel Barse Seneta

  • Mike Lindell claims that two of his financial backers want him to “leave their bank.”

  • CEO MyPillow shared a phone recording with an insider banker.

  • He also told insiders that they would have to “throw him away”, and he wouldn’t shut down voluntarily.

Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of MyPillow, told Insider on Friday that two financial institutions had told him to “quit the bank.”

According to Lindel, Minnesota Bank and Trust and Heartland Financial USA no longer want to do business with him.

Lindel is one of the loudest supporters of former President Donald Trump.He recently became an insider Already spent $ 25 million Promote Trump’s unfounded fraudulent voting allegations.

Earlier this month, January 6th House Select Committee Subpoena Pillow CEO’s phone records his relationship with the former president.

According to Lindel, this raised concerns at Minnesota Bank & Trust.

“But what if someone comes in and says,’What do you know, we’re going to summon all his account records and this and that’, and we’re in the news Lindel, identified as Tom Cardle, Senior Vice President of Minnesota Bank & Trust, said in a recording obtained by the insider.

Cardle also called the bank’s ongoing relationship with Lindel “reputation risk.”

Cardle did not respond to multiple requests for insider comments as to whether he was involved in the recording. However, Insider independently confirmed that the phone number was linked to the office line associated with Cardle.

When asked to comment on Friday, a Minnesota Bank & Trust representative told insiders, “What happens in an account is between the banker and his customers. The decision on the bank account is left to the account holder.” rice field.

“These guys have an agenda, something is wrong, or they would have done something before,” Lindel said in a call to the insider on Friday. “They would have done something last year or a year ago, like January 9th when I was there. At the White House, I’m running around with documents from a lawyer who said martial law,’They would have done this. “

Lindel was actually filmed at the White House with a note about martial law January 15..

“Why have you waited so far?” He continued. “There is something about this, and no one in our country can cancel a bank.”

Lindel added that he wanted to end his relationship with the bank in “First Amendment,” which highlighted the theory that “someone contacted them.”

“”[The banks] I have never had any problems with the cyber symposium. They didn’t have a problem when all the box stores canceled me last year, “Lindel said. Mentioned 72-hour cyber symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, When Costco and other retailers pull My Pillow products off the shelves.. “Isn’t this weird? Look, take a break. I don’t like these people.”

Pillow executives said he wasn’t going to follow the bank’s plea to close his account.

“I’m not going to close my account. They’ll have to abandon me,” Lindel told insiders, adding that he thought the banks were taking these actions to “cancel the culture.” rice field.

Representatives of Heartland Financial USA did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insiders.

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