MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he was late for the conservative event after a private jet door fell down.

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Mike Lindell.Drew Angerer/Getty Images

  • Mike Lindell says he was late for the conservative event because one of the plane’s doors broke.

  • Lindell told an insider that he was traveling from Texas to Missouri when a storage room door fell down.

  • “It took us four hours to put it back together,” Lindell said.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said he was late for a conservative event after one of the doors on his private plane fell off.

Lindell was heard explaining his late arrival. 19th Annual Ozarks Worldview WeekendThe two-day event in Missouri was hosted by his friend and podcaster Brannon Howes on October 15th and 16th.

“I should have been here sooner, but actually the door of the plane fell off my plane and hit the ground,” Lindell said, prompting laughter from the audience. I live a very strange life. Tell me!”

in another clip Shared on Twitter, Lindell was heard joking that he didn’t allow pilots to “stick pillows” to the door so they could take off.

Speaking to an insider on Wednesday night, Lindell revealed it was a luggage storage door that fell off a private jet before flying from Texas to Missouri.

“It took four hours to put it back together. We couldn’t get it on the rollers. Then we put it back together. It took another day to go back to the shop and complete an intensive check.” Lindell said. insider.

He added that the main door wasn’t the problem, and joked that had it happened, “it would have been a better story.”

The jet is now fully repaired, Lindell said.

Lindell has flown to and from many events. In November, he said on Facebook that he flew his team members home after livestreaming the 96-hour marathon “Thanks-a-Thon” Thanksgiving.

Lindell also said 9 News Journalist Marshall Zellinger in April when he flew Former Colorado Elections Officer Tina Peters Until his August 2021 Cyber ​​Symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, by jet.Peters May have disregarded state ethics laws By accepting a ride on this plane from CEO Pillow.she is now accused of leaking confidential voting machine data.

“I gave her a ride — at the cyber symposium, I gave rides from people across the country,” Lindell said. told 9 news“She came to the cyber symposium with a group from Colorado. I got people together. I invited all 50 states. Another stupid question from a stupid journalist.”

In September, Lindell’s legal team subject of his private plane trip It came out when the FBI seized his phone at Hardy’s drive-thru in Minnesota.Officers seized Lindell’s phone after a 30-minute conversation involving Peters, the Dominion voting system, and Lindell’s private jet, according to filings from Lindell’s attorneys seen by insiders. was involved in the investigation of told an insider.

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