MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell claimed his most bonker

Conspiracy theorists and pillow maven Michael Lindell Made one of his wildest claims.

“We already have all the pieces of the puzzle,” Lindel said in this week’s Real America’s Voice. “We have enough evidence to sentence 300 to millions of people to life imprisonment.”

The population of the United States is estimated to be 330 million.

It’s not clear how “and some” of Lindel’s claims represent, but even 300 million people are almost everyone in the country over the age of five.

All in jail:

Lindel made his name for selling pillows and has been one of the most frequent faces on Fox News for some time and he Breaking friends On the right wing network.

He is a key supporter of former President Donald Trump and has driven many of his false claims about fraudulent elections. Promising on a daily basis the Unanimous Supreme Court decision In his favor Overturn the result Of the 2020 presidential election.

All of his promised evidence has not been realized or is not soon realized. Uncovered, And Lindel Withdraw from $ 5 million offer For those who could disprove his claim when some analysts stepped forward to collect.

Lindel Sued for $ 1.3 billion Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation proceedings over allegations of fraudulent elections. This includes criticism of the company.

Given its history, observers are skeptical of his plan to imprison almost all Americans.

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