MyPillow Guy punts the timeline for Trump to regain power as conspiracy theories become more eccentric

Chip Somode Villa / Getty

Chip Somode Villa / Getty

The prophecy failed in December, January, and March. Twice.

But now insist conspiracy Fans Donald Trump, The legendary moon has finally arrived.of AugustSome of the most fringed voices in the universe of former president’s vast followers and adjacent conspirators still seem to think that Trump will be resurrected.

That is, if the conspiracy theorist does not change the schedule again.

When Trump lost his reelection in November, he and some of his more stubborn supporters probably had a vote review (finally confirmed Joe Biden’s victory) or an inauguration military intervention (never). It happened) or even one of several alternative inauguration ceremonies in March (and didn’t happen).

Unexpectedly, the Trump fan faction predicted that he would regain his throne this month. Unfounded theories have aroused Trump’s intriguing and helped raise at least two Department of Homeland Security warnings about the increased risk of far-right violence, and are now driving the voice of far-right QAnon with Trump’s return. It seems to be linked to the latest coronavirus surge.

MyPillow Guy says he was “probably” inspired by the idea of ​​Trump’s August restoration.

As The Daily Beast previously reported, Trump fans can follow its latest prophecy to pillow salesman Michael Lindell instead of a legal scholar. Lindell, the founder of MyPillow, predicted this spring that the 2020 election results would be invalid by or during August. Lindel acknowledged the theory when he began telling his best friend that Trump was due to take office this month. Tell The Daily Beast, “If Trump is saying August, it’s probably because he heard me say it.”

Asked for comment on Monday, Lindel admitted that the August timeline he had already proposed was elastic, but it could now be further delayed.

“We plan to submit the findings to the Supreme Court in late August or early September after the cyber symposium is over, proving that it was an attack by China,” Lindel said. .. “When I made the predictions for August, it was a few months ago, which was an estimate at the time. But it took a lot of time to prepare for this symposium. How long did it take? I can’t predict it because the Supreme Court will pick it up and decide. I’m not the Supreme Court. “

Lindel had previously made his predictions based on a timeline that included filing a Protrump case with the Supreme Court in July. These high stakes cases did not happen.

But conspiracy pro-Trump crowds, especially fans of the QAnon community, are sticking to the predictions or devising their own alternatives, giving new reasons to believe Trump could become president this month. It offers. (A Trump spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment on this story.)

One of those reasons is Lindel himself.

The Pillow Giants are now advertising that his mid-August “symposium” will reveal that Trump has won the 2020 elections. (Lindel Released multiple uncovered “documentaries” Claim the same case, Including those that require a disclaimer Its content is “opinion only and is not intended to be interpreted or interpreted by the viewer as an established fact.”

With recent appearance In a podcast by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, Lindel suggested that his latest symposium was very convincing and Biden might resign voluntarily.

“If everyone saw it after the symposium, by the night of the 12th or the morning of the 13th, including the fact that the administration there wasn’t winning, Biden and Harris would say:” I’m here to protect the country, “he said. “I’m serious!”

Other, more clearly adjacent conspiracy theorists have fused Lindel’s upcoming symposium with other events claiming to herald the arrival of a new President, Trump.

Ron Watkins, a former administrator of the QAnon hosting message board 8kun, posted on Friday that Lindel’s symposium matched other mid-August events of interest in the QAnon community, such as a national test. Emergency alert system..QAnon fans blaming Trump’s enemies for demonic pedophilia and / or cannibalism have previously claimed that Trump would. Use an emergency broadcast system Announcing the mass arrest of the Democratic Party. He didn’t.

Watkins and other Q-promoting conspiracy theorists have recently tampered with their August theory, incorporating news articles as they evolved. Conspiracy theorists, including Watkins, pointed to the rise of the COVID-19 delta variant as a sign that the Democratic Party was planning a “blockage” in mid-August to distract from fraudulent elections. (We couldn’t ask Watkins for comment.)

A second QAnon conspiracy theorist with a large audience argued that, unfoundedly, the mandatory vaccination of troops would help the troops revolt in Trump’s favor this month.

Taking Monday’s theory a step further, Watkins suggested that Trump fans were closer than ever to overthrow the elections. He specifically quoted the “whistleblower” release of the Dominion-manufactured voting machine manual. Sued Fox News and other outlets For being mistakenly involved in the conspiracy theory of fraudulent elections.

As one podcaster immediately pointed out on Twitter, Those manuals were already available online for free.

QAnon fans are accustomed to failed prophecies. Their conspiracy theory began in October 2017 when the anonymous personality “Q” claimed that Hillary Clinton and her aide, Huma Abedin, would be arrested within a few weeks. When those dates passed without being arrested, Q hinted at a new blow to the left: again, the arrest or suicide of a Democrat who never came true. QAnon followers presented their own theories, including mass arrests at George HW Bush’s funeral (which never happened) and national popcorn day mass arrests (also unexploded ordnance).

What time is the summary of pedophiles in the world? QAnon continues to miss deadlines.

When Trump was defeated in November, QA fans soon claimed that the election results would be overturned by recounting (they weren’t), and the electors won Biden’s victory on January 6th. Refused to prove (Biden’s victory was proved that day despite QAnon-a fuel riot in the US Capitol).Some QAnon fans believed that Trump would do that Leading mass arrests at inauguration, On January 20, Biden was successfully inaugurated.Without hesitation, believers claimed that Trump would take office at another inauguration. March 4 And when that didn’t happen, on March 20th.

Repeated failures discouraged some conspiracy fans. When Watkins uploaded a document already published on Monday, a few followers on his Telegram channel complained that it looked like a more false hope.

“We’re all tired of waiting and trusting, so let’s take a look at some shit,” wrote one.

Still, as a recent study by Global network of extremism and technology attracts attention, Some frustrated followers may take drastic steps to realize QAnon’s delusions.

“The movement is likely to overcome these prophetic failures and continue to reuse old conspiracy theories to fit new contexts,” the GNET treatise said. “Perhaps the biggest concern that arises from these failed predictions is that QAnon’s supporters can’t expect political or military leaders to carry out their vision and put the problem in their hands. In this case, past prediction failures have taken direct action on some QAnon supporters, fueling new, more dangerous stages in the development of the movement. It may spur the supply. “

Government agencies are responding with similar concerns. The Department of Homeland Security recently issued two warnings about the risk of violence by QAnon supporters dissatisfied with the failure of the August prophecy. Reported by CNN..

Beyond Lindel, some Trump supporters have retreated from the August timeline, at least even those who have shown support for QAnon in the past. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene starred in a Bannon podcast last month, drowning out Trump’s fans’ hopes.

“I don’t want everyone to expect that President Trump will return to the White House in August, because that’s not true. As a member of parliament, he says it’s very difficult,” Green said. Said.

— Reported by Asawin Suebsaeng

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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