MyPillowGuy was ridiculed for a new Trump prediction … and it’s real Turkey


MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell There is a new date in the US Supreme Court proceedings regarding the 2020 elections. Donald Trump Return to president.

“I heard it here first because our case is ready,” he said in a podcast performed by. Trump Amnesty Recipient And a former White House aide Steve bannon..

Ready, but obviously not ready: he said he still had about two months off and would go directly to the Supreme Court. Thanksgiving..

He argued that his evidence was so overwhelming that the court unanimously decided to hear it.

Former Lindel Predicted date for August, And when it didn’t work, he offered September..

Now he has a target turkey.

“This will be submitted to the Supreme Court before the Thanksgiving Day,” he declared. “That is my promise to the people of this country.”

Lindel made several unsuccessful predictions about when his proceedings would go to court and when Trump would return to the White House. He also claims that there is evidence of election hacking, but members of the cyber team he hired called it “shit.. ”

At least two election security experts Tried to claim a $ 5 million bounty Lindel offered to anyone who could disprove his conspiracy theory.

He is ducking both of them.

Lindel was once best known for appearing in his pillow ads, but his close relationship with Trump, who has frequently repeated some of the disproved allegations of election fraud, has created a sensation in the right-wing media. Caused.

Those same claims landed Lindel in legal hot water: he Sued for defamation $ 1.3 billion from Dominion Voting Systems.

Twitter users pioneered Lindel’s latest claim:

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