NAACP and others express anger at black and Latin American army officers’ pepper sprays in traffic suspension

The Governor of Virginia, Attorney General, Parliamentarians, and NAACP turned their weapons at black and Latin military officers in December, sprayed peppers, and expressed anger at the threatening actions of Windsor police officers. Traffic stop caught in the video..

Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario Proceedings Last month, police officers Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker were recently talked about videos from police officers’ body cameras and Nazario’s cell phones.

Nazario is seeking punitive damages of more than $ 1 million from police officers for violating constitutional rights.

Karl Tobias, a professor at the University of Richmond Law School, said the video raises the question of whether police officers overreacted and used more force than necessary.

The video “looks like Lieutenant Nazario is having a compelling incident,” Tobias told USA Today.

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A police report said in a police report that Nazario’s Chevrolet Tahoe had stopped due to the lack of a rear license plate, but the report said police officers later displayed a temporary plate in the back window. I admit that I noticed that.

The video shows a police officer in uniform Nazario ordering him to get out of the gas station while raising his hand through the driver’s side window. Nazario said he was blown up with a pepper spray and pushed to the ground for fear of leaving the SUV. Nazario was released on the scene and was not charged.

“Nazario is shocked by the ferocity of these defendants and the very realistic possibility that they could kill him because he was unable to meet inconsistent demands. But Lieutenant Nazario calmly put his hand out the window and kept asking calmly, to explain why the defendant pulled him and what was happening, “said the lawsuit. ing.

Gutierrez told Nazario that he “stopped riding his son, the lightning bolt.” This is a reference to an electric chair.

Officer’s pepper spray: A video show of a Virginia police officer spraying pepper and a black and Latino army officer raising his hand during a traffic outage.

According to the proceedings, police officers threatened to destroy the lieutenant’s military history with “unfounded” criminal accusations if the lieutenant reported illegal activity.

Video from the scene “Captured footage of behavior consistent with law enforcement officers’ disgusting national tendencies. They are non-professional, rude, and racially believing that they can act with complete immunity. Engages in biased, dangerous, and sometimes deadly abuse of authority, “says Suit.

Attorney General Mark Herring said nothing was seen in the video justifying how the officer treated Nazario.

“Such an incident is unacceptable,” Herring said in a statement. “Our office continues to monitor the situation, so the Windsor police station needs to be completely transparent about what happened during the stop and what happened accordingly.”

Windsor has a population of about 2,600 and, according to the website, has six police officers. Police were not asked for comment on Sunday, and the mayor and members of the Town Council did not respond to requests for comment from USA TODAY.

Governor Ralph Northam Said on twitter The encounter was “obstructive” and called on state police to conduct an independent investigation.

“Our federation has done important work on police reform, but we must continue to work to ensure that Virginians are safe during their interactions with the police,” he said. Said in a statement. .. ”

District lawmaker Bobby Scott, including Windsor, said he felt “fear” in the video.Scott said the area is still mourning for death Donovan LynchLast month, a police officer killed him at nearby Virginia Beach when his body camera wasn’t working.

The local NAACP said it would begin an investigation into the Windsor police station.

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The video is “evidence of what the NAACP has always said,” the Isle of Wight branch said in a statement. “From the video, it seems that our justice is still being abused by police officers and we are very worried.”

The group said it was backed by the state’s NAACP and other officials.

“Know that this can’t be dealt with,” the group said. “We are dying. We will not stand silently while the civil rights of other African Americans are violated.”

A black and Latino US Army lieutenant sued two Virginia police officers, who pulled a gun and sprayed pepper while transportation was stopped.

A black and Latino US Army lieutenant sued two Virginia police officers, who pulled a gun and sprayed pepper while transportation was stopped.

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: NAACP, others express anger at a traffic stop in Virginia captured in the video