Nagase wins with -81kg judo to continue Japan’s gold rush

Tokyo — Japan’s Takanori Nagase defeated Mongolian Saeid Mollaei in the final, extending the gold rush by Japanese judoists and winning the men’s -81kg judo gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Rio bronze medalist Nagase’s victory marked Japan’s fifth judo gold medal at the tournament, approaching eight of the 2004 Olympic records in Athens.

In a tough final match that lasted more than five and a half minutes, 27-year-old Nagase, a specialist in throwing techniques for the inner and inner thighs, handed over the casters of the casters and threw Mollaei on the tatami mats to win the waza-ari. Sudden death overtime victory.

Shamil Borchasvili from Austria and Matthias Casse from Belgium won the bronze award.

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Japanese gold medalist Takanori Nagase (second from left), Mongolian silver medalist Saeid Mollaei (left), Austrian bronze medalist Shamil Borhashibiri (second from right), Belgian bronze medalist Matthias Casse (right) ) Poses with a medal in 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo on July 27, 2021. (Anegret Hills / Reuters)

Nagase suddenly wept when the judge confirmed his victory.

“It was the moment when the goal of winning the Olympic gold medal was achieved, so I couldn’t help but shed tears,” Nagase told reporters after the award ceremony.

Four of Nagase’s five games went into the golden score due to overtime.

“I’m fully prepared for tough matches. Given the tough competitors, I worked on every match as a final,” he added.

In the Women’s 63 kg class, Rio silver medalist Claris Agbegnenow defeated Tina Trstenjak in the final and finally won the highest award.

This victory allowed the French woman to take revenge for losing to Slovenian Judo in the 2016 Rio Game Finals.

Maria Centracchio of Italy and Catherine Beauchemin Pinar of Canada won the bronze medal.

At the beginning of Tuesday, 28-year-old Agbegnenow, five times the world champion, took only 20 seconds to secure a single victory in the Tanio Toshi Valley drop against Cape Verde’s Sandrin Billiet in a 16-round elimination round. I did.

Japan’s Miku Tashiro lost to Poland’s Agata Ozdoba Blacha in the 16th round with a single knockout. Then, in the quarterfinals, the Polish judoka lost to Centracchio.

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