Namibian female athlete was disqualified from the Olympics due to high testosterone levels

Namibian 18-year-old sprinters Christine Muboma and Beatrice Masillingi will not be able to compete in the women’s 400 meters at the Tokyo Olympics due to their naturally high testosterone levels. Namibian National Olympic Committee..

News promotion: Sprinter is currently joining South African runner Caster Semenya. Caster Semenya said in 2018 after World Athletics decided that “to ensure fair competition, women with high levels of natural testosterone must take medication to compete in middle-distance races.” , Competition is prohibited. CNN writes..

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Details: The Namibian Commission said testosterone levels were detected in the medical assessment required by World Athletics. None of the athletes, their families, coaches, or committees knew about the condition.

  • World athletics To tell “Women’s classification is” protected “and” identified as women, but individuals with certain differences in sexual differentiation (DSD) (that is, men have the same advantages over women over women) Is a protected category that may challenge it. “

Yes, but: There are “limited studies supporting the claim that higher testosterone levels provide unjustified benefits.” Jeff Tracy of Axios writes:..

What’s next: The Namibian Commission said Muboma and Masiringi will continue to be allowed in the 100 and 200 meters races.

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