Nando’s is temporarily closing stores across the UK due to supply issues

Nando’s reportedly had to close several restaurants after the Peri Peri Chicken was gone.

According to the BBC, the chain temporarily closed about 50 stores in England, Scotland and Wales after suffering a supply shortage.

According to the broadcaster, some staff will be lent to the supplier to “move things” again.

Nando’s described the situation as “a little” mare “” in response to an upset customer on Twitter.

The restaurant states: “The UK supply chain is now a bit” mare “.

“This has a knock-on effect at several restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales.

“We are doing everything we can to get Periperi back in place. On your plate!”

In another Twitter post, a restaurant serving Afro-Portuguese chicken dishes apologized for “disappointment” and said suppliers couldn’t keep up with “peri-peri demand.”

Nando’s said:

“Our suppliers are struggling to keep up with Periperi’s demand, which means that some restaurants had to temporarily stop replenishment.”

Laura Parnaby