Napoleon Bonaparte Artif Listed at US Auction

Amulets that once belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte were auctioned on Friday.

Rare artifacts include 114 royal gem-studded crystal sphinxes and a silver base certified by a leader in the field.

The relics date back to the 1800s, when Parisian artists created works of art for Bonaparte.

The auction began with a media event at the PGA National Resort hosted by entertainer Pat Boon, golf legend Jack Nicklaus, and LPGA champion Nancy Lopez.

Private experts estimate the value of the relic to be $ 250 million, and a significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of amulets will benefit charities such as Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Mercy Corps, and AIM for the Handicapped. ..

Bonaparte designed his work to commemorate his military expedition and his love for his wife, Empress Josephine.

In 2005, amulets fell into the hands of golf souvenir collector Randy Jensen after discovering the ancients on eBay.

Jensen eventually exchanged a new set of PING golf clubs for ancient times, and the new owners of the artifact embarked on a six-year mission to uncover the secrets of fascinating objects.

Jensen devoted himself to the study of fascinating relics and Napoleon, resulting in countless studies and certifications by world-leading experts in the field.

Associated Press