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The “once in a lifetime” moment captured by the kayaker in the video

Kiran Shrestha thought he had the most amazing footage he needed to record. Kayaking in the middle of the Capche Glacier Lake in the mountainous Annapurna region of central Nepal, Shrestha unplugged and began filming a beautiful sapphire lake and its beautiful adjacent rise. Similarly, Shrestha’s campmate Shambhu Adhikari has just pulled out his cell phone to record playing the guitar by the beautiful lake on a cool afternoon on January 9, 2021. Capche glacier lake. He knew little about what would happen soon in the canyon behind him. (YouTube / Kiran Shrestha) But shortly thereafter, Shrestha, Adhikari, and a group of their friends were screaming with excitement. They captured much better than the colors of the lake and the melody of the guitar. Far above the lake, a surprisingly huge avalanche roared down the mountain. The mountain rose more than 16,400 feet from the glacial lake (5,000 meters) and barreled down in the midst of huge clouds with incredible wind and force. “One of my friends was filming my video while playing the guitar, and when I saw something coming at that moment, I thought,’That’s it. That was an avalanche,” he said. .. “We wanted to get a good shot.” ​​The avalanche footage began when we noticed the rushing snow deep in the canyon. (YouTube / Kiran Shrestha) And take good shots of what they did. As the Schresta crew stood surprised as a cloudy mass of snow, the avalanche grew larger and closer inch by inch. Located in Parche, Nepal, about 90 miles northwest of Kathmandu, Capche Glacial Lake is a scenic stop surrounded by distant trekking routes that has recently been opened to the public over the past three years. Located above 8,350 feet (2,546 meters) above sea level, it is known as the lowest glacial lake in the world. Shrestha stood on the lake opposite where they camped. Only a few minutes later, a scenic avalanche passed through the exact location where he stood. (YouTube / Kiran Shrestha) According to Shrestha, the area is prone to small avalanches as it has heard numerous small avalanches ringing in the days before arriving at the lake. But when the Shrestha crew were preparing to go home after their camping trip, the most incredible part of their trip was just beginning. “We didn’t expect that to happen,” Shrestha told AccuWeather. “We didn’t expect it at all. I was rowing on the other side of the lake and after 15 minutes … we were tired and wanted to go home, but that At the moment I watched some of my friends’ videos and watched them. ”Only a few seconds after first noticing a distant avalanche, snow lumps and cloud puffs began to swirl towards the campers. .. (YouTube / Kiran Shrestha) All the men started screaming with a mixture of excitement, embarrassment and horror. Unable to escape too west, they kept spinning the camera as the giant plume approached the lake. Shrestha said that the closer it got, the more he wanted to stay to see how big it really was. The avalanche carried the canyon, and a fierce gust of wind blew in the middle of the avalanche, rushing towards the crowd of men. Surprise was associated with worry when those winds reached Shrestha and his friends. “We didn’t know how to shoot or react to it. We had never seen ourselves,” he said. “I didn’t know what would happen, so I experienced it for the first time. [The wind] I was worried because everything in the tent was blown away and all the bags containing electronics were put in the lake. They were immediately surprised when the wind and debris from the avalanche reached the men. (YouTube / Kiran Shrestha) The gust of wind caused by the avalanche rushed away the men because their belongings were scattered, but after regaining everything, Shrestha said it couldn’t be helped. However, I look back on that moment with awe and wonder. The trip was great and we enjoyed it and camped there, but since then every aspect of the trip has changed completely, “he said. We were overly excited. I didn’t know how to express it. I have never seen anything like that in my life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Keep checking and keep an eye on DirecTV, Frontier, Spectrum, FuboTV, Philo, and Verizon Fios’ AccuWeather network.