NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope reveals the first images of a myriad of dazzling galaxies


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NASA announces first full-color image of Webb telescope

Story: Tuesday’s announcement includes images of new stars and nebula that are believed to have formed stars, colorful bubbles showing the plume of dying stars, and the atmospheric water vapor of an outer planet orbiting another sun sun star. The first batch of full-color, high-resolution images that took weeks to render from system raw telescope data, which contained measurements to reveal their existence, is compelling from Webb’s main research area. Selected by NASA to provide initial images and previews of upcoming scientific missions. The telescope made for NASA by the $ 9 billion infrared aerospace giant Northrop Graman is more than ever by scientists. It is expected to revolutionize astronomy by making it possible to see the universe more clearly in the distance. Webb, the Canadian Space Agency, was launched on Christmas Day 2021 and reached its destination in the solar orbit, nearly a million miles from Earth. After h.